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Hosts Jasen and Marcus are here to help you get a clearer understanding of the world around you, all according to the truth of the Word of God. After countless convos about the amazing things God had revealed to them, they realized that God was telling them to take their exciting, thought-provoking conversations to the airwaves to share with the people. Expect every episode to energize and inspire you, as they share personal experience and eye-opening revelation. But wait...why should you be listening again? We have no doubt that this show will improve your relationship with God, enable you to better understand the world around you, help you understand the true purpose and impact of Christ, get answers to your prayers, learn how to hear from God, experience true happiness in your relationships, understand how to manage your money better, discover God's purpose for your life, and so much more! From novice to know-it-all, there is something here for every listener. Want to dig deep? Let's do it. Need clearer understanding on a topic? Let us know. Whether it be the news or the New Testament, Game of Thrones or Galatians, Hip Hop or Hosea, there’s no limit to what will be discussed. Come join the conversation!

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