In God We Trust


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Hello and welcome to the In God We Trust Podcast. In this podcast I read a chapter of the Bible every weekday. God says “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God," Matthew 4:4. God is telling us we need His word to live and grow. With this podcast, you will be able to hear the word of God spoken to you while doing your daily tasks. I won't just read like a robot, I will break down the chapters for you and talk about how we can apply God's word into our lives. In this podcast you will get daily encouragement to keep you in your faith walk, If you've ever wondered what's it's like to walk with God you will hear those things in this podcast. There is so much to learn about God it is endless, if you believe in one thing about the Bible you should believe all of it. It's not really a pick and choose type of thing, there's life lessons and advice on how to live a christian life. How can I live a christian lifestyle? You obey Gods commands and do what he told us to do. The only way to walk with God is walking without sin. WE need to turn from our sinful ways and have a different approach to life.The reason I think you will like this podcast so much is because I make it personal and talk about my experiencing and how I have struggled and some things I have learned. There's a strange power that God gives you when you lift up his name, I can't really compare it to anything because it is never ending energy. If you believe he made everything in 6 days you better believe he can't change your heart and mind. What I mean by those two things is changing your relationships with your friends and family, you might be like, "Well I like my relationships right now, why would I want to change." But you don't even realize the way he will change it and what he can do. By changing your mind I mean giving you peace at mind with your thoughts, he will let you know you are forgiven and there is nothing holding you back. The devil will put those thoughts in your mind that you are stuck in sin and it doesn't matter, but it does. If we want to obey God and walk with him we need to repent of sin, because the thing that is on your mind is something you did that was sinful. You need to stop doing the things that are tearing your mind apart, The only way to do this is through God. He will give you the strength and the Confidence to do so. A christian Podcast, Podcast on God, Interesting podcast, Podcast about God, God podcast, Podcast on Jesus, Jesus podcast. Where did God come from?Where did God come from? How did God create the world? How many days did it take for God to create the world? What religion do you believe in? Do you believe in God or another deity? When did you choose your faith? What is your idea of what God looks like? Is there a heaven?Is there a hell? What does heaven look like? What does hell look like? Why should someone start believing in God?What should a believer do before they die? Does your past play a role when joining a religion? Does someone need to attend church to be spiritual? What’s the difference between being spiritual and being religious? Did you have to change your life before you started following a religion? How often does someone need to say “amen?” Should someone start attending a church if he or she doesn't believe in God?Can someone believe in God but not attend church? Should someone read a Bible before he or she starts believing in a religion? What’s the best part of going to church? What benefits can someone get from going to church? What benefits does religion have? Is it better for someone to follow religion on his or her own, or involve the family, too? Should someone learn about other religions before deciding on one? Should someone attend a religious service from multiple faiths before picking a religion? What do people learn about religion in school? What misconceptions are there about faith? If there’s one God, why are there more than 4,000 religions?

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