Your Woo Woo Best Friend


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Imagine a slumber party with your witchiest best friend playing with an old ouija board or a magic eight ball - that's Your Woo Best Friend. A mix of cosmic ideas and practical, actionable advice, a no b.s. approach to spirituality, to support you in living a high vibrational, empowered, and transformative life. On our show we feature solo episodes with stories, ideas, tips and musings I've collected and downloaded along the way and interviews with radically magical and incredibly inspirational guests. We'll bask in the light and dabble in the dark. I'm your host Andi, founder of Oui, We - a platform for modern mysticism and conscious living. I'm a soul strategist, a wellness, beauty & conscious business expert, a manifestation teacher, and a Kundalini and Shamanic studies student. Join me in conversations about modalities that some might find taboo but that I personally find a great magic in.

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