Chapter 94: Dan the Tailor on rappelling rabbit-holes and rocking with Ronnie


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Daniel Torjman is beautiful.

And so is his incredible store 18 Waits.

Two years ago I was walking down Queen Street West in Toronto and I noticed a couple nice men’s shirts in a window and stepped inside. I was greeted by an old hardwood floor, jazz playing on a record, classic literature on display, and an incredibly curated assortment of shirts, coats, bandanas, and hats. I started chatting with owner (tailor! captain!) Daniel Torjman and discovered we were the same age and he was also a fairly new dad trying to figure it all out.

Dan went down to New York and was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). He then worked as a production manager for Rogan where he helped open their flagship store in TriBeCa. When he came back to Canada, he turned his attention to conceptualizing 18 Waits which emphasizes quality material and craftsmanship with incredible hand-made, local-made clothes. Every item even has a handwritten number on the tag which shows how many kilometers away from the shop the clothes were made!

I bought a splashy floral shirt and began wearing it to my speeches. Now not an event goes by without someone asking me where I got it. I always tell them to visit Dan and point them to The clothes are classic, strong, and durable and there’s a patch inside every piece of clothing that reads: “Wear Well. Enjoy. Love. Destroy.”

Are you ready to hang out on a couch with me and Dan? I hope so because I promise you are in for a treat.

We are going to talk about things like: what does it mean to be genuine in a phony world? How should we enjoy the finer things in life without actually being precious with them? How do we think about searching for truth today? How should we think about where to buy our clothes? What helps create the cultural fiber of a city? What are the benefits of intergenerational friendships? Why should we let our teens go on road trips across continents? How do we become more … us? How do we encourage our kids to find themselves in a digital world that constantly pushes us towards the mean? How do we think about our comfort zones when it comes to fashion and ourselves?

Come on in and let’s flip the page into Chapter 94 now…

What You'll Learn:

  • How do you create atmosphere and community in a clothing store?

  • What does it mean to be genuine?

  • How should we enjoy the precious things in life without being precious?

  • What is a laryngectomy?

  • How can we learn to reflect positively after a dramatic event?

  • How do we search for truth?

  • How should we think about where to buy our clothes?

  • Why does globalization engender distrust?

  • What is the cultural fibre of a city?

  • Why is it so important to spread our dollars around?

  • Why should you not partake in trends?

  • What’s it like to meet The Rolling Stones?

  • What are the benefits of intergenerational friendships?

  • How are long and successful careers sustained?

  • What is the difference between business values and life values?

  • How did LSD experimentation in the 1960s impact music and culture?

  • Why should we let our teenage kids go on road trips?

  • Why was it better to grow up without cell phones?

  • Why is the everyday so beautiful?

  • How can we become more us?

  • How can we encourage our kids to find themselves in a digital world?

  • Why are vinyl records and their liner notes so much richer in content?

  • Why is the number 18 important in the Jewish tradition?

  • How can people learn to wear fashion accessories comfortably?

  • How do books paint pictures?

  • What is the power of a genuine moment?

  • Why don’t we do high school reunions anymore?

  • What is the power of human connection?

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