Chapter 88: Mel Robbins on stalling self sabotage and celebrating sexual selectivity


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I love Mel Robbins.

I am one of the 30 million people who’ve viewed her TED Talk “How to stop screwing yourself over” and I’m one of the two million people who have a copy of The Five-Second Rule on my bookshelf. If you asked me five years ago if I’d have a book on my shelf telling people to simply count backwards from five to get out of bed, ask somebody out, or leave a toxic relationship well … I would have thought you were batty.

But that would have been just a few months before I met Mel and when I heard the way she talked about it and the science behind it, well … I was all in. It’s no wonder her videos have over a billion views or why Sony Pictures asked her to host an eponymous daytime talk show. Because there is something singularly captivating about the no-nonsense-science-backed-habits-from-a-Midwestern-farmer type way Mel thinks, writes, and speaks.

Do you have plans today? If you have an hour or two free why don’t you pull up a chair with us in Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan on a warm and sunny afternoon and let’s the three of us give a pub day toast to Mel’s new book The High 5 Habit and discuss some of life’s biggest themes through her three most formative books.

Let’s turn the page into Chapter 88 now…

What You'll Learn:

  • What do having a child and writing a book have in common?

  • How can an author detach themselves from what their book will or will not accomplish?

  • Why do we need external validation?

  • What is the power of dopamine?

  • What is the power of celebratory energy?

  • How can we stop squandering time?

  • What is successful parenting?

  • How should we think about proximity to family as we age?

  • How should we talk about sex with our kids?

  • How can we talk to our kids about the experience of sex?

  • How should we talk to kids about pornography?

  • Why are we uncomfortable talking about sex and pleasure?

  • What are the perils of breast implants?

  • How should we think about career shifts?

  • How should we define success?

  • How do we gain the courage to pursue our dreams?

  • Why should you ask yourself if you want to high-five your job?

  • What is a high-five marriage?

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