Chapter 56: Kate the Therapist on navigating knotty natures to nurture our needs


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Chapter Description:

I miss walking into stores.

I miss walking into stores the way stores were stores before the pandemic.

I miss the act of mindlessly browsing. I miss getting to know a shopkeeper. I miss idly chatting with strangers. I admit it! I miss the way it used to be.

A couple of years ago, as I was walking around Toronto, a store caught my eye.

There was a big sign outside that read Hard Feelings, and in the window there were a number of books I liked—books by Brené Brown, Susan Cain, Allie Brosch, etc — and several I knew nothing about.

I noticed all the books were on the topic of mental health.

I walked inside and met up with a woman named Kate Scowen.

Kate is from Montreal, and she spent her formative years reading books that explored all kinds of feelings. She ended up getting three (!) degrees in Social Policy and Planning, Social Work, and English, but she always wanted to do more!


Because she wanted to create one of the first stores targeted specifically around mental health.

Yes, a store targeted to mental health. Curated books, candles, eye masks, wheels of emotion. And with accessible, incredible low cost therapy in the back!

Over the next few years I developed a great relationship with Kate. I believe her idea is revolutionary and indeed it is being used as a prototype around the world already.

Today we sit at the back of the shop and discuss topics like:

  • What is therapy?

  • How do you find a therapist?

  • How do we navigate the system?

  • What are ‘hard feelings’?

  • How do we be more honest with our children?

  • How do we create a chosen family?

  • What are the core six emotions?

  • And, of course, what are Kate Scowen’s three most formative books?

Listen in to this episode of 3 Books to hear from the incredible Kate Scowen.

Let’s go!

What You'll Learn:

  • What is therapy?
  • How do you find a therapist?
  • How do we navigate the system?
  • What are ‘hard feelings’?
  • How do we be honest with our children?
  • How do we create our chosen family?
  • What are the core six emotions?
  • How do we practice self-care?
  • And much, much more…

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