Culinary Medicine: Food Cons & Food Conversations


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Over half of modern medicines come from food. Conversely, we still use food as medicine. But are either of those a good thing? Dr. Simpson is not only a renown weight loss surgeon, but he's also a certified Culinary Medicine Specialist. That means he spends more time teaching patients to cook than he does operating on them. Culinary Medicine separates out the legitimate science and medicine of food from those who would seek to practice medicine without a license. Where today's nutritional advice is the realm of hucksters, Dr. Simpson is taking it back to the realm of science. Each episode will bust myths about food as he gives honest answers to questions like... can you really taste soil in wine? (No.) Are cranberries a treatment for urinary tract infections? (Maybe). Occasionally, Dr. Simpson will be joined by Food Network Stars like Simon Majumdar, or leaders in culinary medicine like John La Puma.

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