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Chinese has been a popular learning language for quite a while.
Are those daily conversation lessons and frequently used sentences not satisfying enough for you?
We can all gather here to talk about some fascinating stories of traditional Chinese idioms.
Oral speaking is always fun, and within more profound words in your speech, you would never bore others.
❤️Tips for my podcast❤️
1. Listen to the story version first
2. Listen to the Explanation version
+3. Find my Patreon or Medium page to check how it is written in Chinese and also learn some key words and frequently used Chinese grammar patterns there
Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/user
Medium page: https://medium.com/@jzchinesewonderland
Here's a link to share, if you are interested in these stories and would like to listen to more each day, your support will be my energy to make more of these. 😊 Thanks in advance 😉
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