A Conservative, A Liberal, and a Financial Advisor


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We have enlisted the help of our financial expert, Colin Reid of Reid Financial Strategies, to help us answer both simple and difficult financial questions that Canadians face on a daily basis. We cover topics like how to financially save for your children, how much you should spend on your house compared to your income, whether it makes more sense to pay into an RRSP versus a TFSA, and much more. Colin Reid provides the insight and knowledge while two of our panel members, the liberal leaning Dave Mowbray and the conservative leaning T-Jay Shwetz, often find themselves on opposing sides of an argument. Our host, Justin Johnson, tries his best to keep everything civil and on topic. The podcast is presented in an informative, fun, and welcoming way. There are no dumb questions and there are quite a few laughs. A lot of people tend to be nervous when it comes to asking questions about their money or how they should be saving and this podcast is a way to answer those questions with no judgments. The podcast is about helping people and their families understand that no matter what your income is, there is always something you can do.

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