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In Awake: Not Woke Podcast you will find discussions on topics ranging anywhere from the magick and mystical, self help tools, spirituality, personal growth stories, the occult, current events, and even some politics on occasion. This show is meant to spread information that will help us all raise up our vibrations and reach our highest potentials. Sara & Chas, the two hosts of Awake: Note Woke Podcast, are best friends who have incarnated together into this realm on a mission to be Truly Awake. After a year of intense shadow work, violent realizations & spiritual downloads, Sara finally decided it was time to develop a platform where we could share this all. From the deepstate to faeries, Aleister Crowley to Jesus himself, or witchcraft to prayer, we find value in it all. So hop out of the matrix, and into the world of the Awake: Not Woke. Let's march into The New Earth/5D/The Age of Aquarius together and start something beautiful. We are Awake & ready, are you?

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