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A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew Adventure, where we tell a collaborative story during gameplay.

Each campaign doesn't require prior knowledge to jump in, its always recommended to listen to the most recent campaign. Everyone gets better with time.

Campaign One, for two seasons, our party explores a harbor city called Drogue Port. Blood and fantasy drugs flow through the streets and alleys, as they combat a shapeshifting kingpin named the Jade Hand and the gangs under its thumb. Will the party save the harbor or will it drown?

Campaign Two, with two new players, our party are criminals on death row and are known as 'The Hangmen'. With a great war looming and labeled as expendable, the party is sent on clandestine missions to further the nation of Juulriono's agenda. The war against the elves is the only hope humans have to survive the end of days.

50 episodes