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A podcast on a variety of things that I think are so cool. Not just products or gadgets but ANYTHING! Martial arts, Pitbulls, Star Trek, coffee, music services, podcasts, beer, movies, TV shows, places, strange phenomenon, brands, etc. There are many podcasts out there where a person (or two) sits and talks about games, movies, or whatever, right? So what is different about this show? The host, Chris L McClish, brings with him a background perspective from many roles that he has held in life. Chris is a man with "many roles, many journeys, and one spirit". He had been a psychotherapist for many years. He also taught Judo/Jujitsu and self-defense for years. He has also had hobbies of being an artist, web-designer, woodworker, author, podcast host (Cup of Tao), and many more. He is currently working in a law enforcement role. He now brings you a down to earth, close and personal rundown of various things that are so cool!

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