Alignment Modality Consciousness Transformation


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As we all know human consciousness is at the infancy of transforming itself and this is causing a huge shift in people's mental emotional and physical health. As a channel for spirit, I've been guided to provide a platform through podcasts, writing channeled books and teaching a new form of consciousness which I'm naming 'Alignment Modality', to inform, inspire, and transform the human condition. All podcasts will contain channeled messages direct from the invisible world on current topics, human development, the human paradigm, consciousness, health, and wellbeing. My work as a practitioner is helping people find their power - working with a person's soul to bring consciousness back into the body, with the intention to break the polarisation within the human energy field, which allows misalignment through misinformation to start releasing through the cellular network. Once this occurs, trauma, ailments, and emotions start to release. I have a book coming out this year 'Alignment' - its a channeled book containing all the ancient information on the human blueprint and universal consciousness. A new transformation modality is currently being put together through the channeled teachings.

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