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Have you ever wished you could have a mentor with over a decade of business experience give you her tried and true secrets to success?That’s exactly what you’ll get when you listen to The Wedding Pro CEO Podcast with your host, Brandee Gaar. This workshop style podcast is packed with actionable step by step strategies that are helping wedding industry entrepreneurs ditch the overwhelm and build the profitable business they’ve always dreamed of! Brandee has successfully built 2 multi-six figure businesses in the wedding industry and over the last 15 years has learned (often the hard way!) how to create both profitability AND time freedom. In an industry that wears burned out and overwhelmed as a badge of honor, Brandee has pioneered a different path and is now helping hundreds of wedding pros to redefine success and start leading their business like a CEO. In addition to sharing her best kept secrets, Brandee talks with other industry icons who are spilling the tea on your most burning questions. How do I price my services? When am I ready for a team? How do I know if I’m actually making money? What is a customer funnel and how do I create one? Is it possible to work less than 80 hours a week? What are the best ways to market my business? And the biggest one of all…when can I actually pay myself? Each episode of The Wedding Pro CEO Podcast brings you actionable advice and answers your questions on mindset, sales, marketing and visibility, financials and profit, team and leadership and systems and automation. If you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm and build the profitable business you’ve always dreamed of, this is the podcast for you!

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