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Welcome to The Freaky Deaky! Three friends with wildly different opinions and beliefs navigate the murky waters of life’s strangest mysteries. A Believer (Scott), a Skeptic (Christian) and a newcomer to the field (Heather) discuss stories and personal accounts on subjects surrounding Paranormal Experiences, Unexplained Phenomena, True Crime, Government Hijinks, and all things freaky.
Offering vastly different perspectives on the subjects at hand, the gang presents rational discussions on irrational topics in an attempt to uncover the truth and shed some light on the mystery surrounding this blue marble we’re all stuck spinning on.
So whether you believe in Bigfoot, UFO's, Dogman and Lizard People, or you believe these sightings are nothing more than hallucinations of a very complex mind, we've got you covered w/ All New Episodes every Thursday.
Recorded in Beautiful Wasilla, Alaska.
Have you ever seen a Ghost? Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials? Come face to face with a Dogman or any other Paranormal/Unexplainable Experience you’d like to have discussed on the show? We want to hear it! Submit Your Encounter for our Listener Stories Episodes to:
Or Submit Your Encounter Via Voicemail by Calling 1-801-997-0051
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