Faithful Politics


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Faithful Politics is a podcast for people who are seeking in-depth discussions about everyday issues that intersect Faith and Politics. Pastor Josh Burtram (Faithful Host) and Will Wright (Political Host) will talk to experts, scholars, theologians, politicians, journalists, and everyday people in order to understand how political decisions affect people of faith and the faithless. Faithful Politics strives to be a different kind of show that doesn’t just stick to one political ideology or religious belief, and this is represented in the dynamic biographies of the hosts. Will Wright, a lifelong student of politics, is a former atheist, disabled Veteran, and African-Asian American whose political views tend to be more Liberal Progressive; Josh Burtram, who has traditionally stayed out of the political environment is a Pastor and Conservative Republican, who has a heart and passion for theology. Both of these guys, with their differing opinions and political affiliations, decided to start this podcast shortly after meeting each other for the first time. Listeners of the show get a chance to hear Josh and Will’s relationship grow every week, and are active participants as the hosts learn more about each other, so does the audience. Regardless of their differences Pastor Josh and Will demonstrate, and model, how to have civil dialogue around difficult topics, despite their dissimilar personalities and beliefs. We hope you'll join us as we explore this amazing and fascinating world of Faith and Politics.

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