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Whether you are someone who is just starting your podcast for the first time or you're a seasoned podcaster looking to step up your game, this podcast is going to take you to the next level. 20+ year radio veteran and podcast producer, Shannon Hernandez (The Shan Man), bridges the gap of radio broadcasting and podcasting together to help content creators build programs that grow your podcast audience and compete with some of the bigger names in podcasting. You will learn how to build a social media following that will prime your podcast promotion, grow digital assets like your email list, develop digital marketing strategies and build new skills in the area of audio production and development. This podcast is an extension of Shannon's popular YouTube channel that focuses on podcasting. However, what you will hear in this podcast are the stories that lead into why Shannon executes particular strategies within his podcast production and promotion. Whether you're a podcaster who has been at this game for a while, someone who is trying to figure out how to monetize their podcast or someone who is just getting started, The Podcast Therapist is here to help you.

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