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If you’re wondering the ultimate style of this podcast, it’s going to be an interview-style podcast, a la Joe Rogan or Lex Fridman. As well as those two names, if you’re familiar with any of these following names or topics, there might be something in this podcast for you: Eric Weinstein, Jordan Peterson, Kevin Smith, Adam Curry, Paul Stamets, Dennis McKenna, Manolis Kellis, Neale Donald Walsh, Graham Hancock, Movies, Music, UFO’s, pop-culture, Multiverse Theory, Simulation Theory, Holographic Universe Theory, Universal Basic Income, Podcasts like Last Podcast on the Left, My Favorite Murder, Artificial Intelligence, No Agenda, or even just plain Conspiracies, yes I’m talking true conspiracies, not necessarily the “out there” conspiracy theories most people instantly think of. The possibilities are endless!

Come join us, and learn something that you didn't even know you wanted to learn! Please leave a comment if you like, I am still working on the final format, and I do listen to advice. I’ve already heard some responses about stories you would like to hear, please feel free to ask here, maybe I’ll put them on some bonus Patreon episodes.

The website and social media are still being built, so please have patience if you’re one of the early explorers here. Thanks again for listening! I truly appreciate every one of you!

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