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Hey Beautiful People, I'm Savia Rocks, I'm a Professional Photographer from London, and also your "Host" on the "Us People Podcast", On this Podcast, I wanted to bring a platform of creative & unique individuals to discuss their passion through conversation. I not only want to help you, but I want you to believe in your ability and to the endless possibilities of where your talent could take you. When I first started up in photography or in anything creative, there was not much of a platform for me to do research. I had to teach myself mostly everything I know today. To be honest I could not even afford much but I knew I had a passion. I wish there was more advice and options out there for me when I first started out. So this is the reason I created this platform to help make people's lives a bit easier and to hear other people's experiences and for them to guide you on the path of what you want to become and to have some fun along the way. If you would like to be on the "Us People Podcast" please feel free to email us on: - Donations & Sponsorship: Thank you for listening. Stay Happy & Positive and continue to be kind to one another.

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