How to Build a Consulting Firm


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How to Build a Consulting Firm is a podcast channel with inspiration, support and practical strategies to help management consultants, especially boutique firm's consultants, build their small firms, find clients, deliver stunning insights and grow profitably. Each episode addresses a unique challenge you will face: finding clients, delivering the work, finding and training people, all while developing intellectual property to set your firm apart and more. We will discuss toolkits, methodologies and best practices, all from ex-McKinsey, BCG et al. partners, hosted by ex-partners. If you have questions you want to be covered in a future episode, please write to We will continue to discuss case interviews and advanced strategy skills respectively in our sister podcast iTunes channels: Case Interviews & Management Consulting channel and the Strategy Skills channel. This podcast is, however, about the business of running and growing a consulting firm. - Why did you start your consulting firm? - Managing sales, delivery, recruiting, training and intellectual property development. - What you will learn from the numerous failed consulting boutiques founded by ex-McKinsey, BCG, Bain et al., partners. - The economic model. - The things you need versus the things you think you need. - Rely on a core idea or be a generalist? - The advantage you thought you had. - The platform you wish you had. - Building a 2-speed consulting firm. This is our newest podcast channel. We run 2 other podcast channels that you may find helpful. Strategy Skills (98+ episodes) - Case Interviews & Management Consulting (359+ episodes) -

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