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Are you consumed with starting diet after diet? Only to fail, fall off the wagon, or feel like your body is completely broken regardless of whatever it is you're trying in order to lose weight? Do you feel like you understand intuitive eating or anti-diet practices, yet feel ashamed or embarrassed that you still want to lose weight even after all you've learned and know? This podcast is for YOU! Join Lucia Hawley, NTP MSW as she guides you through the techniques that not only get you off the dieting rollercoaster for good, but leave you happier, healthier, and more content with yourself then you've ever been before--and how this is the place where effortless weight loss can occur as desired. Without low calories. Without counting anything. Without feeling like you're the goon in the corner who can't seem to get the diet part of her life figured out. We've got you! This podcast includes nutrition, wellness, diet, health, workout, exercise, coaching, mindset, tips and advice from your friend and fellow ex-dieter each and every week. You may get triggered by what revelations you have when you listen along. Good! That's part of the change process, and you're safe to explore that here. For show notes, free support, videos and more, just visit Lucia is here to help us all liberate ourselves, once and deliciously for all.

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