The Last Sorcerer


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The fourth book of the Salem Concord begins where The Sorcerer's Secret left off. The Salem Concord, the treaty that has kept peace between Folk and Wizardry since the Salem Wars, has been breached causing the return of the Witch Hunts. Jesse Alexander takes it upon himself to end the war by embarking on an adventure against the Cadre and deliver two young Wizardry to the Secretary of Magic before it’s to late. Secret wizard agent Ch-U-Ch races against time to stop Lord Alex from becoming the most powerful sorcerer and ultimate ruler of the world. Meanwhile, the Mahgo brothers, Andrew and Brendan, exiled from the Folk world, hurry to mature into their new powers as they embark on a heroic quest against Lord Alex and his dark sorcerers to find the four elements and the Sorcerer's Secret. The Last Sorcerer is a spellbinding fantasy adventure that returns the reader to Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store to battle dragons, dark wizards, evil witches, zombies and witch hunters. In the world of magic nothing is ever what it appears to be.

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