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Imagine if you could tap into a guidance system that leads you to more success in life? I’m Christina Medina. I’m a self made business woman, who came from nothing and rose up to find my inner power and transformed my life from rags to riches—truly. On my journey, I made many mistakes, compromised my dreams, had many heart breaks, terrible anxiety, struggled with fluctuating weight and felt powerless in my life. Over the last 11 years, I transformed my life, time and time again; each time, graduating to my next level life, career and love. In that time, I learned from with the most incredible teachers and guides, gained inner wisdom and tapped into my soul’s purpose for my life. In the process I became a certified life & professional coach, Reiki practitioner, certified yoga instructor---and badass real estate broker in NYC. All those certifications and licenses aside, my heart’s purpose and soul mission is to help you step into the energy and next level version of you, aligning with love, money, and restoring you back to perfect health—manifesting a life of your design full of radiance, intuitive guidance and abundance in all areas of life—STARTING TODAY. Manifestation is not complicated. It’s about energy, mindset and embodiment that work together infinitely. In each MTM podcast, we elevate your vibration so you can sit in that abundance and allow your inner guidance to rise up from within to assist you. If you’ve read this far, then have a listen. Your soul aligned you with this message for a reason. This all part of your beautiful unfolding. Let today be the day, you listen and start to uncover the magic within. xoxocm 🌅

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