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Welcome to ItsPersonalPodcast hosted by Gary R. Gray Jr. Gary is a teacher in Manila (Philippines). He enjoys talking with anyone who is willing to listen and share their stories with him. On this podcast you will find a talk series from Gary in which he dives deep into his childhood and current life. He takes the time to dissect his decision making and "accomplishments" up until now, and if he is truly living a full life. On his second podcast series #ItsPersonal, Gary speaks with educators, authors, teachers, parents, people from all walks of life on who they are behind the computer. His mission is to speak with those from the Global Majority, and listen. He takes guest on a ride down memory lane, asking personal questions about identity and true meaning of life. It's not your typical pod. And don't expect professional editing. You can find Gary on all social media platforms @GaryRGrayJr

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