24 Hour Podcast - Episode 6


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Members of the "Deathsquad Family" ran a charity podcast, to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy victims. Hosted by The Great Ray Taylor (@RayTaylor) & Yuk Nassty (@YukNassty), well some of the time. Guests included Brian RedBan (@RedBan), Vicky Pezza (@VickyPezza), Duncan Trussell (@DuncanTrussell), Sam Tripoli (@SamTripoli), Jayson Thibault (@TheTeeb), Eddie Bravo (@EddieBravo), David Seaman (@D_Seaman), Rep. Dan Gordon (@_RepDanGordon), Randle McMurphy (@DaCuckoosNest), Izzy Rock (@TheIzzyRock), Mish (@Mish_The_Dish), Matt Thomas (@BFDMPodcast), @ColonialTweets, @DoggaBaby, Jill HImitsu (@JillHimitsu), Dbo (@DHimitsu), @ItNasty420, Johnny (@OrganizedKhaos5), Mick (@PostalPoet), Brian (@iHateTatorTots), @No_sesquahana, @TheWhiskeyJack, @LowAnimal, Caleb Hicks (@Asator83) , Jo Boren, Danielle Azzoli-Bessey, Cassius Morris (@ThatReporterKid), Lee (@leesyatt), @1stcitizenkane, @PhatBoyGus, PJ (@perfectugly), @jOeRangutan, Jamie Allison, Derek Skilling, Keith Spurlock (@KeithSpurlock), Paul Vick, Mike Maxwell and so many more. Please, donations are open for a limited time still @ InspiredDisorder.com/live and ILLRadio.net Thank you so much for all the donations and hours that EVERYONE put in. If any names above need to be edited/removed or added, please let someone know. Deathsquad.tv inspired life

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