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LABELS: - Ushuaia Music - Sonaxx Records - Affluenza Records - Ithica Records - Alienator Records - SMR Underground - Construct Techno - Beats HD Records - Lets Techno Records - Techno Never Dies - Oxytech Records - TriBox Records - MTZ Noir Records - Pure Dope Digital - Dead Groovy Music - Strohm Records Bookings: Since a very young age already fascinated by music & entertainment. Growing up with classical music, jazz & blues as well as groups of the 60 's/70 's, there was always one or another association with mostly any genre! Music is a feeling and that became reflected at age 14 when i fell in love with soundsscaping and mostly guitar playing. It was an overwhelming unloading valve for my feelings to create sounds and soon after i could buy my first guitar and i began my first band! My biggest inspiration in that time was Nirvana and grunge/rock in General. My older brother (TrixX K) and still my soulmate always came by with new groups for me to discover and took me to rock parties and festivals etc. In the meantime, the interest in electronic music came up. Defenitly at the moment that my greatest hero ' Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman ' played in the boiler room at pukkelpop i was completely sold to techno! It was a time of experimentation with instruments of all kind, samples and Groovebox, mixing tables and effects, go to many clubs and to be inspired by sounds and people. Fascinated by soundscaping i began a series of LSD-soundscapes (soundscapes created for the spiritual traveler!) At that time i also had the privelige learning experience to go to the city of 'Brussels - Belgium' to the ' piano factory ' to be able to go to school in mixing music. Both analog and digital mixing desks came to the bidding but especially the pro tools studio that was absolutely a favorite. After several groups to have worn it was time for something else! The years that came then were filled with the project ' Nox Solus ', piano and guitar with electronic drums etc. A very nice time on the field of play together with someone who was classically trained but also here came to an abrupt end! After so many disappointments in forming bands and projects there came a period of very long silence ...., the calm before the storm that followed years after! After a spiritual journey to make the realisation that music is always a part of my life and it started to itch to produce quality! With the years of experience with bands and many different genres to play, it was not difficult to do production work and put tracks on soundcloud in the hope of a release! A few weeks later followed the miracle, a record label had interest in a track to release! In the meantime i have more than 30 + techno/Tech house tracks released on various domestic and foreign record labels and i have since been unstoppable!

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