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The Blunt Movie Reviews is a podcast hosted by two stoners that met while working at a movie theater in our teenage years. Now, we get together to smoke a blunt and see a new movie prior to its nation wide release then, we smoke another blunt and hit the record button. We start the show off with "The Movie Guy Plot," followed by going down the list of Directors and Actors while giving subtle movie suggestions. Next, we give you our best spoiler free movie review and viewing recommendation. Finally, we like to end every show with a game we call "Reboot Madness", this is where we take a movie from the past and go head to head on rebooting the movie with our dream team fantasy cast. You can judge who would pick a better cast by typing "Jesse", "Travis", or write in your suggestions in the comment section of the episode.Twitter @TravLetsSmoke or on Facebook at

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