Episode 2 - Svelte and SvelteKit with Mark Volkmann


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In this episode Mark shares his experience with Svelte and SvelteKit as well as a detailed explanation why Svelte is such a must-try for all web developers.
We also discuss his book, "Svelte and Sapper in Action" published with Manning and the future of web development around Svelte according to his vision.
If you don't know what Svelte is or if you've never tried it, this is the episode for you.
Get Mark's Book, "Svelte and Sapper in Action" with a 35% discount here, and use this code at checkout: pod20minjs22
Show links:
- Svelte: https://svelte.dev/
- SvelteKit: https://kit.svelte.dev/
- ViteJS: https://vitejs.dev/
- Netlify: https://www.netlify.com/
- RemixRun: https://remix.run/
- Vercel: https://vercel.com/
- Gatsby: https://www.gatsbyjs.com/
- Eleventy: https://www.11ty.dev/
Contact our guest:
- Object Computing: https://objectcomputing.com/
- Twitter: @mark_volkmann
- Github: https://github.com/mvolkmann
- Blog: https://mvolkmann.github.io/blog/topics/
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