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This podcast is a personal exploration into what it means to be a human and the experiences it brings. Episodes include essays, reporting, and interviews with people who teach, challenge, confuse, and maybe even piss me off. I may touch on explicit topics and use language not acceptable for sensitive people.
Overlapping topics include philosophy, governance, geopolitics, economics, technology and culture. I try to get out of the usual lanes and cross disciplines, professions, social silos, political tribes and cultural boundaries.
I'm a creative freelancer from the United States; entrepreneur, marketer, inventor, musician, artist, and a podcaster. I’ve been told I live outside of the box, but I really don’t even know where the box is and I don’t care. I have respect for all opinions, beliefs and backgrounds and I’m a good listener and find myself focusing more on the present than worried about the future. I look forward to sharing this podcast with you and welcome your feedback. Let’s all do uncommon things. Cheers!

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