09 - Martine Dowden - Cussing and working with your partner (not always at the same time)


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Martine Dowden is a UX designer born in Thionville, in the Northeast of France. Creative, grounded, and apparently handy around the house, I first became friends with Martine through the tech community while speaking at conferences. She's super talented (you should ask her about the time she replaced their downstairs toilet and remodeled the entire bathroom on a random afternoon). Her success in business and her drive for making technology accessible to all people is an inspiration to any programmer who is in product development. Tune in to this episode of 1 luckygirliegirl as Martine and I talk about the use of a well-placed "fuck," working with your partner, and future tech topics.

Find Martine on Twitter @Martine_Dowden and on her websites:

https://andromedagalactic.com https://martine.dev

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