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Welcome to Dream a Little Dream podcast! I am Jessie Taylor. I am an artist and painter. My heart sings when I am expressing myself creatively, when I am talking about my ideas or ideas in general and I love exploring the world of art. Art has so much to offer in terms of exploration for me and sometimes I am just bursting with enthusiasm about what I am doing that I need to talk about it. Alternatively, art is an adventure that can seem very lonely, especially if you are not getting the attention that you want for your art. We all want to be discovered and we want to share our voices, our expression, we want to be seen and heard and feel like we are contributing. I want to share my experience with you. I want you to share your experience with me. I want to provide you with a platform to speak about how you conceived of the idea that you are pursuing and the steps you took to get where you are now. I want to give you and people just like you another space to talk about what you are doing and to demystify the process of 'following your dreams'. I want to empower people to know that it really is just one foot in front of the other and to continue doing the things that light you up. So I invited people on the podcast who are in this process and have a kernel of wisdom to offer my audience. Sometimes we, humans, get caught up in all the nos and limiting beliefs and I really want to let people know through this podcast that anything is possible. Thank you for joining me to help me with this mission. I am immensely intrigued with the question: What happens to our work once we have gotten it from idea stage to a form, a physical thing in the world, into a sound, or a performance or a painting, etc.? Sometimes it gets a lot of attention and sometimes it doesn't. But it is still our responsibility to keep finding and sharing our voice. I feel like it is my DUTY as an artist to share my work. It is ALL of our responsibilities as humans as innate artists to share and build each other up to empower each other to be the artists of their own lives! I believe that all people who are enthusiastic about their own ideas, the ideas of the masters and the ideas of their peers are artists. There is an artist living in all of us whether it be in the studio, the kitchen or the garage. You can be an artist of your soul, of your life and certainly with any other medium of expression. I want to bring you stories from real people who I consider artists and who are excited about the potential of the idea and of the imagination! This saying: ‘Follow your dreams’ I want to discover how this and other similar sayings came to be. There is a lot of literature and podcasts out there that will sell you on positive thinking and tell you that a positive mindset is all that you need to make your wildest dreams come true. And that is NOT 100% true! What fails to be told is the work, the struggle, the long hours and the determination to carry on through failure, not being noticed and setbacks ---to Keep getting up and trying something different, never stopping, never giving up on the dream and never giving up on the work it takes to make the dreams come true, To build the dream and live it! Together we can all learn what it takes to make it, to get noticed and if we all come together and create a community that has influence then we win. We don’t need anyone to notice us but US - this community created HERE! This year 2019 is going to mark the year that I find my stride. Maybe you have found yours and I would love to hear about it. I am so proud of the courage of everyone who has been featured on this podcast and of myself for stepping up and making this part of my dream come true. All the hours I have put into honing my skills, learning new skills and creating this life are going to manifest into the clear picture I have imagined. This podcast has been an inspiration to me and I hope it inspires you too!

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