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Why do I attract emotionally unavailable people? Why are the “nice ones” boring to me? I’ve read all the books and even been to therapy, why isn’t my love life changing? Why am I still stuck? Is it just me? Am I cursed in love? These are the questions that relationship expert and love coach Veronica Grant digs into here on the Love Life Connection. Don’t worry, this podcast isn’t about fixing up your profile for the millionth time or upping your texting game. Instead, you’ll learn the deeper reasons you attract who you attract so you can heal old wounds, shift limiting beliefs and attract the deep love you desire and deserve. Each week, you’ll hear Veronica coach callers on how to do the deep work so they can find deep love. She also candidly shares many of her own relationship experiences (*cough nightmares*) so that you can learn from her in a way that feels authentic and genuine, with a healthy dose of humor and tough love. Listen and subscribe to the show and never feel broken or like you’re the only one ever again.

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