Into the Woods


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Set against the backdrop of colonial America, Into the Woods is the story of pioneer and patriot Jonathan Wood. Straining against the bonds of Tidewater society and tempted by an ancient legent, Jonathan's sense of adventure leads him over the mountains of southwest Virginia. Perils abound for this brave pioneer, who must face threats from the native tribes, the British, and even more sinister enemies, while fighting for the woman he loves, and the land that will not let go of his heart. Based on a true story, Into the Woods is a tale of adventure, danger, love, and the triumph of the human spirit. PRAISE FOR INTO THE WOODS: "David Wood has crafted a gem of a story laced with action, villainy, revenge, and reconciliation. Adventure, loyalty- sometimes strained and split- love and sacrifice resonate within the pages of this historical fiction tale." Terry W. Ervin II, author of Flank Hawk "Into the Woods is an amazing historical adventure, and a powerful testament to the power of family." Sean Ellis, author of The Shroud of Heaven "David Wood has written an entertaining historical adventure." Megalith Book Reviews PRAISE FOR DAVID WOOD: "Cibola by David Wood is a page-turning yarn blending high action, Biblical speculation, ancient secrets, and nasty creatures. Indiana Jones better watch his back!" Jeremy Robinson, author of Instinct and Beneath "With the thoroughly enjoyable way Mr. Wood has mixed speculative history with our modern day pursuit of truth, he has created a story that thrills and makes one think beyond the boundaries of mere fiction and enter the world of 'why not'?" David Golemon, author of Leviathan and Ancients "Ancient cave paintings? Cities of gold? Secret scrolls? Sign me up! Cibola is a twisty tale of adventure and intrigue that never lets up and never lets go!" Robert Masello, author of Bestiary and Blood and Ice "History is turned on its head in this gripping tale of sects, secrets, and double-crosses. With mesmerizing treasures in beautiful locations, beautiful women and rugged heroes, mysticism and mystery, Wood spins a yarn that keeps the pages turning." Alan Baxter, author of RealmShift and MageSign

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