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Poundbag Radio is the relaunch of the 2012 HPMA Best Radio Program nominated radio show called "Dirtbag Radio" or "The Dirtbag's Radio Show," from Houston, Tx. It was an Uncensored Sex radio talk show, which let normal people have an open forum to talk about and discuss everyday life.
Real people, with real stories, as close as reality TV as possible, but on the Radio. "Reality Radio."
A decade later, the project relaunches in a new city, in a new industry, under a new name, with the same sentiment of having real people record what's going on in life, and their reactions to real life events, as an archive of the mentalities of this time period.
This is an UNCENSORED talk show, so language is explicit, and topics range from parenting, life, self improvement, the military, government, taxes, dating, marriage, dealing with others, sex, and current events, with of conspiracy theories, aliens, and psychedelics.
The host is a former NASA employee, US Marine vet with a secret clearance, former college professor, electrical engineer doing a career change into film and design, while still completing some college to finish degree. There is no uneducated talk here, but there is also no censorship.
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