12 Minute Meditation: A Song for Restoration with Michelle Chatman


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This week, we're offering something a little different. Dr. Michelle Chatman shares a practice that she's been singing since 2020, when we saw the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor; when the COVID-19 pandemic began and we saw its devastating effects upon Black and brown communities; and we also saw protests and uprisings in response to racial injustice around the globe.

As an assistant professor in the Crime, Justice, and Security Studies program at The University of the District of Columbia and contemplative educator, Michelle weaves meditation, music, and introspective practices into her teaching to help facilitate student learning and growth and build community. This song helps Michelle restore.

You can close your eyes or lower your gaze while you listen to Michelle sing and then can continue to meditate, reflecting on Michelle's offering, until you hear the sound of the final bell.

Show Notes:

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