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85,000 plays via iTunes Podcast. visit DJ Gavan Bright is a man with a career spanning two decades and a formidable cluster of residencies both past and present. He's remix's are distributed for international DJ promo pool based in the USA. He doesn't DJ anywhere in Brisbane on the Gay Scene. DJ Gavan Bright has continually played those special parties that only history remembers by those select few who were there, including Two Dog's Wet Dreaming in Byron Bay with Les Smith, and the early Tropical Fruits Parties. His presence has been strong, regularly playing at the country's most Gay parties: ALSO's Resurrection, Sydney Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras, Inquisition, Sydney Pride NYE and Tropical Fruits 1996-2003. On top of these he can also point to appearances at high profile events including M.A.S.C, Mancamp, Frisky and Hand in Hand. Gav has billed with Victor Calderone, Thunderpuss, Alan Thompson, DJ Chip, Anne Savage, Trade, Alex Taylor, Sveta, Wayne G, Rob Davis, Luke Leal, Steven Sonius, Lexy Bradfield and the late Mandy Rollins. Gavan is nothing if not prolific. His expansive take on house music represents why he remains such a potent draw after all this time. His latest technological development - incorporating Ableton Live into his sets to remix and re-edit records on the fly - positions his brilliant mix of cutting edge relevance with old school knowledge and prowess. Certainly no 'Johnny-come-lately' mixing for fame, its all about music. Gav's vibrant energy remains undiluted behind the digital DJ format, blending the beats of today and tomorrow's dance floors with the vocals and melodies of the records that have stood the test of time, he blurs the lines between live producer and DJ but in a manner which doesn't weigh too heavily on the clubbing experience. Always the consummate professional, his crowd pleasing style does not play to a formula and never fails to give a dance floor the impetus it deserves - in the words of Aretha Franklin, 'R.e.s.p.e.c.t'. But it's behind the decks where he will always be at his most comfortable. There're very few DJs that manage to stand the test of time and still stay relevant in a crowded marketplace, but Gavan Bright fits resolutely into that category. Having seen the dance floor evolve, he's stayed true to the principles that has served DJs so well while absorbing every new exciting development. A new school sound with an old school approach, Gavan encompasses everything a modern DJ should. Quite simply, when he does go off, he's the epitome of dance floor dynamite… the musical bomb.

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