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Home of Heavy Hitter DJ Mr. Mejustik Mr. Mejustik Booking inquiries? Email. Those who grow up surrounded by music tend to find themselves in the arms of music all their lives. Mr. Mejustik is no different. From his mother participating in Trinidad Carnival while he was still in the womb, to his uncle honing his DJ skills in the basement, to his aunt dating another DJ - music was always around. Since his uncle asked him to DJ a birthday party with him at age 12, Mr. Mejustik would constantly be seen behind a DJ set. Whether it was for a crowd of 30 or 30 000, in Toronto or Trinidad or the UK, Mr. Mejustik spins the best in funk, R&B, Soca, reggae hip hop, old school, house and even country & rock on occasion. Over his career, Mr. Mejustik has been a part of 2 DJ crews, performed for/alongside dozens of celebrities and artistes, produced 100+ radio commercials, completed 200+ DJ mixes and engineered roadmixes for some of the biggest Soca artistes in the world. Mr. Mejustik has appeared on many media outlets over the years in Toronto on radio stations including CKFG 98.7, CHIN 100.7, CHRY 105.5, and CIUT 89.5, as well as CHUO 89.1 (Ottawa), Tempo Radio 94.4 (UK), Caribbean Nitro Radio 101.7 (Florida) and SLAM 100.5 in Trinidad (West Indies). He has also made appearances on Internet radio stations,, and and has appeared on CBC, Rogers Cable, CityTV and Star television networks in Toronto. In 2012, the President of the Heavy Hitters DJ Enuff welcomed Mr. Mejustik into the Heavy Hitters. Mr. Mejustik can now be heard on Fridays at 7pm EST. This is just the beginning for this young, talented DJ. There`s still a lot to be accomplished, and as Mr. Mejustik always says ~ Music is Life ~ A Mejustik Life!

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