The Amazon Jungle by Rick Cesari and Jason Boyce Part 1


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Let’s be real here. Amazon is dangerous to 3rd-party sellers. We are not dealing with a cuddly, friendly colleague. We are dealing with a shark-like, dangerous entity. On the other hand, as one of our guests today said, “If you’re not on Amazon, you’re not on the internet.” On top of that, it doesn’t take a business genius to see that eCommerce growth in 2020 has simply exploded. Huge opportunity - and also big threats. So if we need to be on Amazon to be visible in eCommerce but Amazon is dangerous to sellers, what do we do? How do we square that circle? Fortunately, there are some clear answers. To guide Amazon sellers through the rapids, we have a direct-to-consumer dream team: Jason Boyce is the founder of Avenue 7 Media, an Amazon agency, and a former top 200 amazon seller for 17 years, with many 8-figure sales years. Rick Cesari was direct to consumer marketing legend behind the Go-Pro camera and the George Foreman Grill, each of which became a Billion-dollar brand on the back of his groundbreaking TV work. Together, we not only highlight the dangers of Amazon selling; we give an overarching solution that is not just a hack; it’s a strategy and set of principles that should enable us as Amazon sellers to stay ahead of the shark and take advantage of the amazing current eCommerce opportunities. You'll Learn: The dangers in Amazon and how you need a strategy How to pick a product The importance of storytelling in branding How Puria made it on Amazon How to beat Amazon in their own PL game

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