720 Teaching Python - How Even Younger Children Can Get an Early Start


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Teaching coding can be challenging and expensive, but our guests Sean and Kelly have a solution. We can start teaching the second most popular coding language - Python - in our schools. Kelly Schuster-Paredes and Sean Tibor host the Teaching Python Podcast where they share how to help kids of all ages learn this valuable language. Before you think it is too hard or too difficult, you'll want to hear their story about how Kelly is a teacher who became a coder and Sean is a coder who became a teacher and how it can be done at your school as well.

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Kelly Schuster-Paredes - Bio as Submitted

Kelly Schuster-Paredes is a mom, world traveler and a netizen. She loves learning about cultures and her children were born on two different continents. Kelly has a Masters in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology. She has taught all over the world and specializes in curriculum design, coaching and development. She got started with integrating technology in the classroom in 2003 and dabbled with app design in File Maker and HTML. She currently teaches sixth and seventh grade computer science at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is her third year using Python.

Sean Tibor - Bio as Submitted

Sean is a dad, coder, teacher, geek, marketer, salmon enthusiast, Star Wars fan, and 3D-printing nut living in Florida. Prior to teaching, he has worked in IT and marketing for [Procter & Gamble](https://www.pg.com), Kaplan University (now [Purdue University Global](https://www.purdueglobal.edu/)), and [Diagnostic Centers of America](http://www.dcamedical.com). Sean is the founder of [Red Reef Digital](https://www.redreefdigital.com), a digital marketing consulting firm and is a certified [HubSpot](https://www.hubspot.com) partner. He has a bachelor's and master's degree in information systems from [Carnegie Mellon University](https://www.cmu.edu) in Pittsburgh, PA.

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