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Ray’s Rants looking back to the 1960s 1970s and 1950s in the UK Great Britain. The British music scene, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. The pubs and clubs, Watney’s Red Barrel beer, Babycham, Cherry B the night life. The cars, the workplace, television and pirate radio. Kids and schools back in the early days. 60s fashion and clothes, flairs and miniskirts. London, Caroline, Luxembourg.
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How things have changed since the 1960s and 70s! Some things have changed for the better... although not many! And some for the worst. Join me for a look at how things were and how they are now.By Ray’s Rants UK
I'm back from a great holiday on the Isle of Wight. In this week's message, I talk about the way we talk... have a listen! I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.By Ray’s Rants UK
In this episode, I tell the story of Love, marriage, secrecy and a house left to a friend of mine. Oh! What a tangled web we weave!By Ray’s Rants UK
Hi and welcome to another Midweek Message. I hope you're keeping well. I'll be on holiday in the Isle of Wight when you listen to this. I hope the sun will be shining!By Ray’s Rants UK
What did we have in the 1970s that we don't have today? We had decency, manners, politeness, pride, courtesy... Do we still have these things? Join me for another chat about the good old days.By Ray’s Rants UK
Hello and welcome to another midweek message. Join me for a few minutes chat about the stress youngsters endure at school, common sense, decency, respect... and whatever else springs to mind.By Ray’s Rants UK
Worthing - my home town. In this episode, I ramble on about Worthing, in West Sussex. I've lived here since I was five-years-old so I've seen some changes in my time. Join me, if you will.By Ray’s Rants UK
Hello and welcome to another Midweek Message. The weather is improving as we head toward summer here in Britain. I've already been to a BBQ but, as I was driving, I had alcohol-free beer. Argh! Disgusting!By Ray’s Rants UK
In this episode, I recall the time many decades ago when I was a member of a village watch group. Locals called us the vigilantes. Not really a fair name as we were far from violent. They were great times and I had some fun as the group's security man. Join me for a look back at those happy days.By Ray’s Rants UK
Who remembers the episodes about village life? Tales Of A Parish Councillor and Village Life Behind The Facade. Due to popular demand, I'm returning to the village theme this coming Sunday with... Village Vigilantes. I was a member of the local village watch group and I have some interesting recollections.…
Britain in the 50s and 60s. Schools, television, clothes, work, housework, cars... In this episode, I look back generally over the 50s and 60s. What was the food like? What was on TV? Were you a housewife? I've also included a story about... wait and see!By Ray’s Rants UK
Hello, I hope you're well. This Sunday, I'm going to chat about the 50s and 60s. Nothing in particular, just a ramble about the old days and how things were back then. Please, do join me.By Ray’s Rants UK
As well as my usual banging on, I have another story for you. It was back in the 1970s when I suspected a friend of mine was being cheated on by his girlfriend. A group of us tried to enlighten him but he wouldn't listen. I then discovered the incredible truth!By Ray’s Rants UK
What a lovely morning, waking up to bird song! Why don't birds sing in the winter? Perhaps they do. Are you looking after yourself and keeping well? I have a cold, again, but the birds cheer me up.By Ray’s Rants UK
I have a story for you. A chap I knew told me to keep away from his sister, He told me not to ask her out... he was a strange of guy. Did I stay away from the girl? Did I ask her out?By Ray’s Rants UK
Hello and welcome to yet another Midweek Message. I hope you're keeping well. Thanks for your emails and suggestions. There's another story coming this Sunday so keep an eye out for that.By Ray’s Rants UK
In this episode, I talk about the time I helped a girl who was being stalked by an ex-lover. But, before the story begins, I have a little chat about other things.By Ray’s Rants UK
Hi, I hope you're keeping well. Meeting people, boys, girls, relationships... How did you meet your partner? Was it under strange circumstances? How did you first bump into each other? Email me with your stories. raysrants@protonmail.comBy Ray’s Rants UK
Here's the question: given the choice, would you go back 50 years in time or forward 50 years in time. You will have to live in the time you choose. Better the devil you know back in time? Or take a gamble on the future?By Ray’s Rants UK
What with storm Dudley and storm Eustice recently battering the UK, I thought an episode about the weather would be apt. The weather doesn't only affect BBQs in the summer or skiing in the winter, it#s has a colossal impact on many businesses.By Ray’s Rants UK
In this episode, I talk about a music weekend at a Bognor Regis holiday camp. In the 1950s, the accommodation was wooden huts, it's now posh hotels. How things have changed since the old days!By Ray’s Rants UK
The New Highway Code Rules. Have you heard about the changes? Have you ever read the Highway Code? In this episode, I rant about the new UK rules and changes for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.By Ray’s Rants UK
What were wages like in the 50s and 60s? How did people pay the bills, buy new furniture and carpets , buy a car... In this episode I look back at the cost of living and wages in the good old days.By Ray’s Rants UK
At our school, we had a spate of what the deputy headmaster called a 'series of minor sabotage incidents'. The toilets were blown up, the school clock altered, the school radio changed to Radio Caroline, truant was rife... Join me for a look back at a series of minor sabotage incidents.By Ray’s Rants UK
Home Security - Then And Now In the good old days, people left their doors open. Is that true? What about security? Didn't burglars wander into house and steal things? In this episode, I look back at home security in the 50s and 60s.By Ray’s Rants UK
Twin girls. Molly and Sally. They were identical twins, and I couldn't tell them apart. I started going out with Molly, then I was seeing Sally, then... A nightmare ensued!By Ray‘s Rants UK
Hi, I'm Ray. The Podcasts are back! And I'm starting off with... It's That Time Again! Yes, it's that time when Christmas isn't too far away, the winter is here... and I'm talking nonsense for almost an hour!By Ray‘s Rants UK
Hi, I'm Ray. Happy Christmas! It's been a while since we last chatted... and I've missed you. I might get back into Podcasting in the new year. What are your thoughts?By Ray‘s Rants UK
Do you look back in anger at something unjust that happened? You were innocent, and yet you took the blame. Do you hold grudges? Can you let go? Stress and anger are not good, but how can you forgive and forget?By Ray‘s Rants UK
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