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The OK Jazz Podcast features an eclectic selection of Jazz, Soul, World Music and a lot more genres! With plenty new releases and old classics, it is hosted by Mr. OK Jazz of and, Also check his sister podcast Tokyo Jazz Joints about the great photo project documenting jazz spots all around Japan!
Courtney Pine Global (CPG) is an exciting non-stop music playlist of the best new jazz releases dropping globally. From swing, smooth-jazz and latin-jazz to fusion, rock and global beats, Courtney picks a cool mix of new and well-known artists for you to work, rest and play to! Easy listening vocals, soulful bop, experimental vibes. Refreshingly new jazz. Funk, World and Hiphop lovers will enjoy these grooves too! A Jazz-pod Production -
Jazz Office Hours

Jazz Office Hours

Cory Weeds & Will Chernoff

Business-focused Q&A for jazz musicians and students. Once a month, Cory Weeds and your host Will Chernoff take questions about working in music, from the career side right down to the personal. Skip the BS, find out how it all works, and avoid the mistakes we’ve already made.
**Upcoming Gig** Bru bar, Cork 28th Jan 2023!! live-stream on twitch/insta occasionally on Friday nights. All links: Hugh Def is a DJ from Cork City who loves to discover original music and share it with the world. In this podcast series he homes in on a different sub-genre of electronic & dance music every month.
Vata is not just a Russian word for a cotton candy. It’s also one of three doshas in Ayurveda. Vata people have a gift for feeling love and expressing their feelings. They exist beyond material ideas, concepts and stereotypes of everyday life. They live in the alternative world ruled by deep cosmic love, perfection and harmony. Vata is your oasis, a sound analog of the Bounty Bar advertising with the taste of paradise from the first notes. Glamorous Easy Listening, smoothly flowing Chillout, ...
Galen Bingham invites fellow thought and industry leaders to share the whiskies they drink, jazz music they listen to, and advice on what it really takes to be an effective leader. This is straight talk you can‘t get anywhere else. Known as The Leadership Strategist®, Galen Bingham gives listeners the opportunity to learn insights from guests and his 3 decades in corporate America as a Fortune 100 Executive, retail business owner, and Certified Executive Coach. As CEO and Founder of Kiln Glo ...
s o u l s h e n a n i g a n s Expect: Indie, RAWK, Garage, Psych, Post-Punk, Scuzz, Fuzz, Vintage Soul & Twang, Breaks, Beats & beyond ... Facebook: /soulshenanigans Twitter: @soulshenanigans iTunes: soulshenanigans Mix cloud: soulshenanigans Podomatic: soulshenanigans iTunes: soulshenanigans Email:
Music for almost any occasion. We play... Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Country, footwork, soul, funk, ska, house, garage, hip hop, trip hop, brass band, swing, dub, jazz, folk, blues, spoken word, indie, reggae, punk, cumbia, bossa nova, choro, psychedelic rock, girl groups, mambo, R&B, gospel, zydeco, field hollers, jump blues, drum & bass, surf, exotica and more.
Welcome to my world..or should I say playground! My purpose here is to provide and uplift independent and progressive neo-soul, jazz, and gospel artists. I just want to introduce them to you and you can go from there and delve into their catalogs. I hope you have fun listening and make sure to "like"..."follow' and "share" with your friends and family. Just a reminder. I am a DJ, not a Jukebox. I post continuous mixes that intend to keep you in the "groove" all the way thru. Leave a comment. ...
Deep – for those who need music like oxygen. It’s a perfect music background for work, relaxation and travelling. It’s what everyone is looking for, but not many manage to find after hours of furious switching broadcasts. Now it is possible to forget about searching for music. The secret is quiet simple. The excellent selection of material with a wide variety of «deep» styles – from Deep House and Soulful to such noble genres as Acid jazz and Trip hop.
Music is the Muse. So integral to the Bonzer Experience and its evolution is music, on a strictly vibratory level it's hard to separate sound from ocean frequencies. So with a certain joy, to honor inspirations and pay homage, we're sending out into the digital spheres some curated mixes o' music from Jacob's radio show OPAQUE MELODIES. Listen in for a wide range of jazz, rock, experimental stuff, Beefheart, and beyond... Peace!
Funky Tech Radio: Digging in the crates to find the gems – from the past to the future. Paying homage to boom bap, Hip-Hop, soul, jazz, reggae, and of course the pure uncut funk! Segments: Funky Tech Radio (Mix Show) Hip Hop Riff of the Week Support this podcast:
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В этом произведении, я пытаюсь донести звуки комической материи...- т.е. звуки начала всего живого...Разговоры планет, хаоса, звезд...Все в мире едино, даже если совсем по структуре разное...Благодарю всех, кто слушает меня...Мира и Гармонии Вашему Дому)By Кая Цитрин
We start with new music from Gilbert Castellanos and a solo album from Kenny Barron. After that a mix of music I have been listening to lately. Enjoy. Playlist Artist ~ Name ~ Album Gilbert Castellanos ~ Big P ~ Espérame En El Cielo Kenny Barron ~ What If ~ The Source The Griffith Park Collection ~ Guernica ~ The Griffith Park Collection Charlie Ha…
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