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Jocelyn Moffett

Each week Joce and Richard dive deep into the world of RuPaul's Drag Race, talking about each contestant and challenge in depth, as well as the eliminations, and everyone's favorite drama-fest, Untucked!
Joce vs The World is a PvP gaming podcast focusing on tips for new players entering into any game that involves pitting yourself against other real people. Each episode, Joce will be joined by an expert in the game of choice, and will be shown how to navigate the first few matches of PvP combat!
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The balance changes have come and gone but both Garrett and Hat have questions about if more should’ve been done. What will the warcraft mobile game look like? Are murlocs finally reasonable in BGs? Tune in for answers to these questions as well as some submitted by listeners like you.By Garrett Weinzierl, Jocelyn Kearney, & RidiculousHat
Liv and Manny start looking closer at the anticipated systems coming in Dragonflight. With another set of interviews throughout the week, information continues to be uncovered. Our hosts review what we know so far about the New Talent Trees and the Professional Revamp; and, consider how these will play out in the upcoming expansion!…
The first round of Sunken City balance changes are on the horizon! Will Druid be reined in? Is Pirate Warrior OP? Will we have time to get to emails after all the Demon Hunter talk? Yes, we will! And there’s even time to talk about BGs. (Hat named this episode while Joce wasn’t there this week. #BlameHat)…
Following the long-anticipated game development announcements on April 19th, TruVillainManny (For Azeroth!) sits with Narrative Lead Designer Steven Danuser to talk all things World of Warcraft and the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. The interview covers the all new regions in the Dragon Isles, the Dragon Aspects and central themes surrounding the…
If you’re on Hearthstone social media at all, you know about the amazing Community Manager Alkali - and she’s here to talk to us about the new Hearthstone Creator Program coming soon! We also have some new standard chatter because we kinda can’t stop playing it.By Garrett Weinzierl, Jocelyn Kearney, & RidiculousHat
It’s rotation-eve, and The Angry Chicken crew is here to break down everything they played during the Theorycrafting livestream in anticipation of the release tomorrow! They also break down the changes that dropped this weekend with Hotfix 23.0.1.By Garrett Weinzierl, Jocelyn Kearney, & RidiculousHat
We have all the details about the Year of the Hydra, as well as the changes to the Core Set. Garrett, Joce, and RidiculousHat break it down by class, what’s leaving, and what’s coming back! They also chat about the Battlegrounds changes that went live today and last weekend’s Lobby Legends tournament. Enjoy!…
Garrett is off this week, so Joce and RidiculousHat brought in some professional backup! LanguageHacker is here to provide insight into the new expansion and core set, as well his thoughts on his esports career and the sunsetting of the Grandmaster system.By Garrett Weinzierl, Jocelyn Kearney, & RidiculousHat
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