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We wrap up "Apologetics Month" today by talking to former guest of the show, Dr. Holly Ordway. For most of this month we've focussed on specific apologetics arguments, but today we speak more broadly about the subject of "Imaginative Apologetics".By David Bates, Matt Bush, and Andrew Lazo
At the beginning of "Apologetics Month" we looked at science and scientism. Today with apologist Peter S. Williams we consider the related ideas of "Logical Positivism" and "Verificationism" which were popular in Lewis' day and which are still alive and well today.By David Bates, Matt Bush, and Andrew Lazo
Lewis said that before he was six years old, he was "a votary of the Blue Flower". The Blue Flower symbolized a life-long longing, "an unsatisfied desire which is itself more desirable than any other satisfaction". Lewis used this idea in Mere Christianity to build The Argument From Desire, which Joe Heshmeyer discusses on today's show as part of "…
Continuing with "Apologetics Month", we turn to what is probably the most powerful argument in favour of atheism, what Lewis called "The Problem of Pain". David interviews Oxford Professor, Dr. Bethany N. Sollereder about her book, "Why is there suffering?"By David Bates, Matt Bush, and Andrew Lazo
Anyone who has listened to the show this season will know that Matt loves the writing of Sr. Miriam James. As an early birthday present for Matt, David reached out and invited her onto the show to talk to Matt about her recent book, "Loved as I am"...By David Bates, Matt Bush, and Andrew Lazo
So far in this "Ecumenism Month", we've spoken to Eastern Orthodox and Reformed Christians. Now it's time to speak to a Mormon! Over a rather temperamental internet connection, David discusses Lewis with Professor Bruce Wilson Young from "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" (LDS).By David Bates, Matt Bush, and Andrew Lazo
The team begins Chapter 2 of The Four Loves, which is entitled “Likings and loves of the sub-human”. This chapter will be read over the course of three episodes and in this episode Lewis examines the subject of pleasure and distinguishes Need-pleasures and Pleasures of Appreciation.By David Bates, Matt Bush, and Andrew Lazo
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