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"The Barely Live Podcast"

"The Barely Live Podcast"

The Worst Fly Fishing Podcast Out There

Coming from the Low Country of Charleston, SC, we bring you nothing more or less than a good time. While the hosts, Paul Puckett, Mike Benson, Doug Roland and Will Abbott all met through the channels of Fly Fishing, thats just where this program starts. We hope and expect you to be somewhat entertained with a variety of topics, real and fake characters from all over the land of the fishing industry. We have also added the fabulous Travis Baucom, (Trav-is / Bow-com) who brings the meat for ea ...
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*Dolby Stereo Surround Sound - We are finally back after a very long hiatus. We are happy to have ol Travis join us as we get to know Barron a little better. Things are good in the solarium as we get the vibes rolling and the time a'wastin'. Get with us and listen in..thanks you kind people.By The Worst Fly Fishing Podcast Out There
The wheels end up falling off pretty well towards the end of this episode. We do have an unprecedented botoxing of a scrotum...its pretty much that. We have a failed phonecall into Will and have a flyshop sales only customer visit us and of course Kayso. Have at it, thank you for your bravery.By The Worst Fly Fishing Podcast Out There
We wanted to celebrate Mom's day, so we did. Mom calls in to bust us up a little. We also get with Doug to hear the history of the Lowcountry Journal and the return of said journal. A little Mexico recap from Paul and some trip prep for the Keys with Mike. We have a special in studio guest stop in, ol pedro the Permit comes and goes. Thanks for lis…
This is actually Fly Fishing After Dark's episode but we all sat in and invaded the common proper. This was after hot and saucy pork tacos, so please take that into account...with a little bourbon topper. Check out Fly Fishing After Dark if you are living in a cave and have not yet.By The Worst Fly Fishing Podcast Out There
We invade the Fly Fishing After Dark compound for some good ol times. We decided to do a 2 part series where we do our show then they do theirs. We have the boys sit in on each segment and just see where it goes. This one takes a little time...sit back, relax then relax again.By The Worst Fly Fishing Podcast Out There
Back in action...a little dusty due to a lot of Spring action. WE ARE BACK...check out the what ever it is when we talk Sea Doose, Mike's Trip, Great Flyshops, Ascension Bay, David Leake from Tailwater's Flyshop, Voices Game Show, Bananas, Rants and Queso...listen up Larry!!.By The Worst Fly Fishing Podcast Out There
We celebrate the first Birthday of Barely Live. Many special guests including, Matt Schliske, The Drake Bros, Calhoun Vanderhorst, Daqveed, Larry Littrell, SCOOP and of course Richard Queso. We give Diddy a call also, of course. I think there was a little bit of fishing discussed...just a little.By The Worst Fly Fishing Podcast Out There
After disaster struck, a recording of no fills, music, ads, Scoop or Diddy Call...we had to repair a few damages. The console was never plugged into the mix, so the banter is kinda crappy and just didn't record the good stuff!. After a month away, we come clean with our Curses, cheap beers, Diddy Calls, Calhoun Vanderhorst, Hell in Idaho, Football,…
A good round feeling of happiness will bring you into this chaotic, fun filled evening. In the presence of the Orvis Guide Rendezvous, we are coming to you from Asheville with a good crowd and a great cast of characters. Some SCOF banter, Orvis banter and some Scoops Callahan...come on.By The Worst Fly Fishing Podcast Out There
A Good dose of audible delight with Mike Benson, Doug Roland bringing you the juice. Guests include Baron Boyette, Dr. William Janus and Vaughn Cochran. This episode will let you in on fishing the greater Houston area, some insight on Fantasy Football news, and Vaughn Cochrans days in the 70's Keys. Good stuff or bad decide…
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