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The Dragon Reread

The Dragon Reread

Jeff Lake, Micah Sparkman, and Alice Sullivan

We're reading the Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels by Robert Jordan! We read them when we were younger, but now we are wiser. Why? Because they're so much fun! Adventure, magic, battles, politics, treachery, horses, braid-pulling... these books are top flight entertainment. They're also, as the kids say these days, "problematic". We'll dig into it as we go. We read about 5 chapters every episode, and we recap the events of the story, so you don't have to read along unless you want to. ...
Welcome to The Wheel Weaves Podcast!! The Wheel Weaves is a Wheel of Time podcast suitable for first time readers. Join Dani and Brett as they journey into the series for chapter analysis, character break-downs, and (probably wrong) predictions - all from the perspective of a WoT First Time Reader. Guided by Brett, the long-time super fan, Dani reads through the series knowing absolutely nothing! No spoilers here!
Two queer, sharp witted, and long-time best friends dive deep into Amazon's The Wheel of Time TV show, adapted from Robert Jordan's epic book series. Randland contains critical reviews, thematic discussions, as well as production insights into this prestige television show. Season 3 contains spoiler free tv episode breakdowns, as well as a deeper dive for book fans.Created by Amyrlin Jay (producer by trade), M'Hael Collin (writer extraordinaire) and also featuring Tigraine of Twitter of Time ...
Sam and Will discuss the Wheel of Time book series and the upcoming television series. We like to keep it light, because if you like fantasy you're probably looking for an escape. We will never talk politics and we try to make content that you can listen to with your niece and nephew. We will often bring up other nerd culture things if we think they're related - like Marvel, GoT, Star Wars, LoTR, Harry Potter, Star Trek etcetera. We will compare WoT to other fantasy book series. If you're st ...


Jono, Joe and Tom

tWoTcast is the Wheel of Time podcast featuring Jono, Joe and Tom. Enjoy rereads and commentary of the Wheel of Time book series written by Robert Jordan and completed by Brandon Sanderson. Also, LIVE shows from conventions, rereads of other book series and other general nerd culture discussions.
Barside Chats from The Dusty Wheel is a talk show about epic fantasy, and The Wheel of Time in particular. The hosts, Matt and Brian, delve into the mysteries and wonder of the world of the Wheel of Time. It's just pure, good, clean fun! A podcast for all ages and for fans old and new. Come join the crew as they cover wide-ranging topics and have lots of fun along the way!
They've finally decided to make the Wheel of Time into a television show! Listen to Joe, Jen, and Tom as they discuss the fantasy book series' long-awaited adaptation. They'll cover everything including the latest news and try to answer the question of just how will Amazon adapt this massive 14-book epic. If you love the Wheel of Time as much as we do, join us. (Some episodes do contain spoilers for the books. Look for episodes tagged "Spoiler Free" if you haven't read the series.)
Welcome Friends & Heroes of the Horn! The last battle draws nigh. This will not be the 'Time of Return'. This will be Tarmon Gai'don! Will you answer the call? Join us as we discuss Robert Jordan's EPIC Wheel of Time series! Follow us on Twitter @thehornofvalere and send us a message at ... Remember, "The Grave is no bar to my call"
Join hosts Amber and Traci as they make a cross continental connection every week. They are history lovers, architecture admirers, New Spring super fans, and bookclub advocates, who just can't get enough of The Wheel of Time. New episodes every Wednesday, and for more, check out their YouTube channel! Support this podcast:
A Storytelling/Book Club/YouTube Reaction Video podcast where Matt (he/him) and Enn (They/Them) discuss Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series and the upcoming Wheel of Time TV Series on Amazon. Matt's a first-timer and Enn has read the series many many times, so we're spoiler-free! Join us as we discuss Enn's favorite fantasy series, and enjoy all the tangents and jokes. New episodes weekly on Thursdays!
Welcome to “Watch Party: Wheel of Time,” where Ages come and pass, leaving podcast episodes that become legend. Join us as Rhuarc and Saimma guides you, along with a panel of brilliant guests, through Amazon‘s blockbuster adaptation of Robert Jordan‘s fantasy masterpiece, The Wheel of Time. Never read the books? That‘s ok, because neither has the panel. Rhuarc and Saimma will break down every episode, discuss the themes, and answer your questions. This podcast can be enjoyed by die hard fans ...
The In Wheel Time Car Talk Podcast is a 30-minute version of the In Wheel Time live automotive talk show simulcasting every Saturday from 8a-11aCT. The LIVE broadcast covers a wide variety of content that automotive enthusiast find interesting - including new car reviews and maintenance tips that can be found here. Join Don Armstrong, Michael Marrs, and Konrad DeLong LIVE every Saturday from 8a-11aCT. Want more In Wheel Time in real time? Follow us for the latest updates! Twitter: https://tw ...
Justin Gaines, Jeremy Gaines, and Desmond McNeese discuss the Amazon show, The Wheel of Time, based on the Robert Jordan novels. Justin and Jeremy are long time fans of the saga and Des, a newcomer to the series, break down every episode to help us all understand the vast universe that's being created. Want to get into the conversations? Please email us at
WoT Spoilers

WoT Spoilers

Wheel Of Time Spoilers Podcast

A deep dive into the hidden meaning, identity, and motivation in the story of The Wheel of Time. Designed for readers who have finished the series and are looking for more understanding without memorizing all the different Aes Sedai.
Blood and Ashes is a spoiler filled, chapter by chapter discussion of the Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels penned by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.Join us, three middle aged dads, as we re-read the series and enthusiastically discuss all the best bits from each chapter. Do we know every single thing about the world of The Wheel of Time? No. Do we know half? Probably not. Does that stop us from wildly speculating and tapping into half faded memories from our teens? Definitely not! ...
With emotion and empathy, bursts of humor and a fair few F-bombs, this spoilery topical literary analysis of Robert Jordan's fantasy series looks at characters, themes, plots, scenes and other Wheel of Time subjects while following the path of the story. For fans familiar with the books looking for something different. (Expect full spoilers, including references from New Spring, WoT Companion, Wiki, Dragonmount, Theoryland, etc.)
Join us as we cover some of our favorite shows, like The Handmaid’s Tale, Cobra Kai, The Mandalorian, What If...?, The Wheel of Time, Westworld, and Game of Thrones. We're fans, and we aim to enhance your experience of these shows. Currently on deck: Yellowjackets! P.S. You can be a part of the discussion: Send us a text or voice message at or comment at, and we'll respond on the air.
Jim (Father) and Zach (Son) talk about their ideas and perspectives on fantasy fiction, starting with Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series but straying in various other directions as well. The generational difference in how they view what they read will become obvious (and entertaining, they hope!). Come enjoy our debates and explorations over what all these books mean, and see who you agree with.
A spoiler free podcast, that follows 3 first time readers on their journey through the Wheel of Time book series. This is a light hearted take on the series. We joke, drink beers and trade banter as we have discussions on where we find humour and insight within the story and wrestle with our own theories on where we think the journey will take us. This podcast is perfect for a first time reader that wants to follow along with us, or a seasoned veteran of the series that enjoys listening to n ...
Atu Waat?

Atu Waat?

Greg Carlson and Sam Putnam

The podcast that stole the Wheel of Time from the reptilian Annunaki. Listen along as your host Greg Carlson drags his friend Sam Putnam, kicking and screaming, on a journey into the wild and weird world of alien conspiracies, cults, and more! Follow us on Twitter:
News, Commentary, and Reviews for the casual nerd. Join The Credible Nerds - Justin and Marc, as we talk about our favorite fandoms. We discuss Star Wars & Star Trek, DC & Marvel, Harry Dresden & Harry Potter, The Cosmere & Middle Earth, The Wheel of Time and more! Our expectations match our fandom.
Welcome to Bingetown! We are a Top 100 Podcast covering your favorite “Binge-worthy” television shows! Believe it or not, BingetownTV was born in the heart of Iceland. It was the trip of a lifetime that included a Game of Thrones tour, midnight sunsets, and maybe (definitely) a bit too much Icelandic Eagle Gin. But when you have the chance to drink some gin made by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson AKA “The Mountain”, you don’t do so in moderation. It may have been the gin talking, but the idea to sta ...
Join Eric and Daylin as they navigate their way through Robert Jordan's epic fantasy, The Wheel of Time. Eric is experiencing the series for the first time and Daylin is attempting to keep a poker face as Eric makes his predictions and theories. Welcome to the bookclub, episodes come out every Monday and are recorded live on their Discord page! Cover art by Olivia Sheldon Discord link!
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This week I braved a few tenticles and sat down with some of the folks from the Hinderstream to discuss the thing we're all secretly curious about even though we're too scared to dive right in! Find my guests! Eagle Eye Sedai (AKA Tad) Jessica Sedai Snakes & Foxes https://twitter.c…
Wheel of Time Season 1 - Fan Edit R: u/wotfanedit T: @wotfanedit Y: Wheel of Time Fan Edit Project E: #wotfanedit We watched an amazing fan edit of wheel of time season one and it brought the best out of our thoughts towards the show. There is nothing new in the edit, so you don’t have to have seen it to appreciate this convers…
Our third and final double-header installment of the Perrin/Faile plotline for this book! Perrin wakes up from nearly being frozen and is promptly saddled with news and a corrosive rumor, all thanks to Berelain. Then he collects the grudging allegiance of Cha’Faile, gets a vague sense of the Aiel he is following, and watches as Maseama demonstrates…
Andrew continues his read through of The Eye of the World, the first book in The Wheel of Time series. Rand and Mat seem to have found their stride as they continue their way to Caemlyn however, they are about to learn a very important lesson. Never trust a thin innkeeper. Andrew struggles with the loss of Thom Merrilin and gives us some more theor…
In this episode, Dani and Brett discuss chapters 7 and 8 of The Path of Daggers. We want to welcome Jonathon to The Wheel Weaves Patreon Team! Also, thanks to CD Harris for increasing their Patreon Pledge! Thank you so much for your generosity! We would like to acknowledge and thank our Executive Producers Brandy and Aaron Kirkwood, Sean McGuire, J…
In this week's episode, Joe, Jen, and Tom dive back into the announcement of new Wheel of Time Origins, and take the opportunity to discuss and review the initial six episodes, as well as theorize what comes next! Hear Joe admit he was wrong - twice! Hear Tom admit he may be wrong - but only once! Hear Jen get her sound wish come true! All that, an…
Things get dark and hairy in Emond's Field. That's both a description of the Trollocs, and the pressures our poor Perrin starts to feel. Come see what these three chapters are all about! #wheeloftime #WoT #fantasy Join us on Discord: Support us on Patreon: Check out our merch: h…
The full panel reunites to continue their discussion about myth and religion in the Wheel of Time, this time focusing on Moiraine, Egwene, and Loial. After this episode you will start looking for Wookies in all your stories. Final question: Which member of the panel would you like to impersonate you? Want to join the watch party? Do you have a ques…
We covered as much as we could, but let’s be honest the Aiel culture is as expansive as it is fascinating. Perhaps there’s a part two somewhere in the future? First half spoiler free, second half spoiler time fun time!We have opened our recordings to live chat with our Patrons when we record. This is for all our patrons, starting at $1 a month, and…
There's a boatload of news coming at you in this episode, along with a visit from Tony the Tinker and probably some other stuff that we can't remember now that we're done recording it.By Tar Valon After Dark | A Wheel of Time Comedy and Discus
When buying a new vehicle, the traditional buyer is going to take into account the information on the window sticker. Of course MSRP, equipment and fuel economy numbers. We learn that there is also a 'cost of owning' that is more than just a simple number. In fact, according to jeff Bartlett of Consumer Reports, there is a lot more information ther…
Well, SEASON 2 looks amazing! Also, the music in this little promo piece is siiiick. Season 2 filming is COMPLETE! @TheWheelofTime released a short teaser promotional clip ~ The last battle draws nigh. This will not be the ‘Time of Return’. This will be Tarmon Gai’don! Will you answer the call? Join us as we discuss Robert Jordan’s EPIC Wheel of Ti…
Ali and Gus are joined once again by writer, filmmaker and actor Zoë Maltby to break down the differences between the leaked Wheel of Time pilot script and the final, aired pilot episode, as well as to discuss why these changes may have been made in the process of bringing the story from the script to the screen. This episode contains full spoilers…
When exactly do sparks begin to fly? Just how long is a never-ending quest? How exactly does one call a fade? It’s all discussed here! In this episode we breakdown Amazon’s The Wheel Of Time Ep. 3 “A Place of Safety.” Opening with a spoiler-free recap and discussion, Jay & Collin highlight the peaks, valleys, strengths, and weaknesses of the episod…
What do Aiel and Americans have in common? Morgan has opinions. Spears on bucklers as she wraps up the Shadow Rising with an exploration of Aiel identity, and a shepherd’s trip through a sparkle forest and early morning walk through the desert. (CW for brief mentions of sexual assault) Please support the show!…
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