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Best Supernatural Podcasts We Could Find
Best Supernatural Podcasts We Could Find
Get your fix of TV's favorite brothers, the Winchesters (who has been to hell and back again) via these podcasts as they hunt demons, ghosts and other supernatural beings. Listen to these podcasts to get episode recaps, spoilers, news and previews as Dean and Sam continue their journey as hunters.

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Join two literary nerds and Supernatural devotees in rewatching and (over)analyzing the show from episode one. We've got work to do! (Spoilers for seasons 1-15!) Can't see our early episodes? Our show catalogue is here: Email: Facebook:


Aaron Mahnke and Grim & Mild

Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (now also a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.
Most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts. But sometimes, the facts don’t lead to a logical explanation, and the truth lies somewhere in the unknown… Join Parcast and Crime Junkie’s Ashley Flowers as they dive deep into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world’s most bizarre true crime occurrences in the new series, Supernatural with Ashley Flowers. Every Wednesday, Ashley digs into a different mystifying crime—where the most fitting theory isn’t always the most conven ...
The Confessionals is where witnesses of the unexplained share their stories and encounters with the world. Through long-form conversations, we pull out as much detail about one's experience as possible. Join us as we delve into the unknown side of life, from bigfoot to UFOs to paranormal activity to even conspiracies.
Award-winning podcast hosted by voice artist Darren Marlar who narrates true stories of crime, the unexplained, and paranormal. * Ranked #2 in Podcast Magazine‘s “Best True Crime and Horror” podcasts for 2020 * Named one of the “Best Storytellers in Podcasting” in 2019 by Podcast Business Journal * Darren Marlar’s narration of “The Tell-Tale Heart” won Bronze at HEAR NOW 2020 Podcast Palooza * Reached #5 worldwide on the “HOT 50” chart for November 2020 by Podcast Magazine * Finalist for”Sto ...
America's Top Paranormal Podcaster interviews the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included Josh Gates, Chip Coffey, George Noory and the biggest names in paranormal studies. This feed reflects the last 90 days of content, The Paranormal Podcast has been in production since 2005 with over 690 episodes. Hosted by Jim Harold.
Home to the unofficial podcast about the CW’s Supernatural. Hosted by Lilith and Sophia. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcasts at
The mission of Gank that Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast is to curate the perfect drinking game rules, season by season, for the long lived and much loved television show Supernatural. Your hosts will bravely test all manner of drinking game rules, laugh, chat about the show we love and curate the perfect Supernatural drinking game!
Our Afterbuzz TV hosts Lyndsey Wegner (@LyndseyWegner @twitter) and Cherry Davis (Cherry_LA @Twitter) have been fans of the series from the first episode. They are excited to talk with our SPN Family and guests every Thursday at 10:10 PM PT after new episodes on the CW. Join us every week on the Supernatural AfterBuzz TV After Show Podcast to laugh, cry, and mourn with all of you as we say goodbye to the series that feels like family.
Join me on a journey into the origins of the unknown. Every legend, every beast, and every myth has it‘s beginnings, and it‘s time we take a look into the Ominous Origins of our mysterious history. For inquiries or comments, you can contact
From The Shadows

From The Shadows

Shane Grove, The Barrister, Jason Lewis, Jerry Muniz, Ozark Howler

The From The Shadows Podcast is a program where we seriously discuss the supernatural, the paranormal, cryptozoology as well as ufology. Anything that cannot be rationally explained has a platform for discussion here on the From The Shadows Podcast.
Radio broadcaster and parapsychologist Dr. Malcolm Ryder helps callers with their supernatural problems. He also delves into the dark and strange history of America. Callers are haunted by mysterious black doors, see ancient beings in their paisley wallpaper, have terrifying creatures appear in their cars on dark and lonely roads. In the history segment of our show, Ryder tells of the pyramid made of flesh in Palta, Arizona that appeared one morning, of how the Mississippi River is a sleepin ...
Mysteries Of The Unexplained is a weekly paranormal comedy podcast hosted by mystery investigators Annie & Will. Paranormal Topics include Hauntings, Real Ghost Stories, Aliens, Demonic Possessions, Bigfoot, Unsolved Mysteries, Monsters, Witches, Conspiracy Theories, Shadow People, Roswell, Illuminati, UFO's, Occult the list is endless! Listen every Friday to Annie and Will discussing all things paranormal, supernatural, and down-right weird! See for privacy and opt-out inf ...
Felicia Day is an actor, writer, producer and author of the bestselling memoir "You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)". Her podcast "Felicitations!" covers her bi-weekly perspective on such geeky topics as gaming, television, book reading, but also often veers into her personal life as a creator and parent. She answers questions submitted by the audience at #felicitations on Twitter!
A podcast where two friends, an American and an Irishman, explore the paranormal, folklore, urban legends and other scary stuff from America, Europe and around the world. Find us on the social medias - Instagram at international.supernaturalTwitter @Intersuperpod and onTiktok at international.supernatur - and become a troll friend on Patreon at International Supernatural. New episodes uploaded every other Wednesday!
Real Life Ghost Stories is a podcast dedicated to real life paranormal experiences. We discuss hauntings, ghosts, death, aliens, psychology, skeptics and everything in between. In each episode we review our favourite (and least favourite) paranormal shows and movies. Email us your stories at: Why not support us on patreon: See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Grave Talks is the weekly paranormal interview show hosted by Tony Brueski from the wildly popular Real Ghost Stories Online podcast. The podcast hosts new guests each week who share their haunting experiences with ghosts and the spirit world. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Please be sure to subscribe to our weekly paranormal interview show "The Grave Ta ...
A podcast that explores the unknown, the unexplained, the mysterious, the unsolved and the just plain strange. Bizarre crimes, disappearing people, odd creatures, creepy phenomena, it's all here. We won't solve every mystery, but we'll try to separate truth from fiction and let you decide.
In Gilt City, conscripted couriers are both respected and shunned. They inhabit the borderlands between a growing industrial society and the untamed, arcane frontier that surrounds it. The Night Post is a weekly supernatural audio drama about survival, tradition, and the vast unknown.


Wyatt Shell and Jake Withee

A podcast about the paranormal, the credibility of the creepy, and the science of the spooky, Superduperstitious is a podcast that looks at the mysterious world of the paranormal and says, "Wait. What?" Hosts Wyatt Shell and Jake Withee use their science backgrounds to tease apart possible explanations for bizarre, supernatural, and otherwise strange phenomena. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join host Tim Weisberg along with psychic medium Stephanie Burke and Science Advisor Matt Moniz as they delve into paranormal topics such as ghosts and hauntings, UFOs and aliens, Bigfoot and cryptids, and other mysterious things. Also streaming LIVE video during the show at
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CHINESE NEW YEAR is just around the corner, so we would like to wish every listeners that is celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year! In this Wednesday episode, we gonna feature a confession where confessor being pushed and kicked because he was in the wrong space, most likely he was at its space causing it to be so upset. Do you believe in reincarnati…
What should have been a peaceful afternoon childhood nap turned into a horrific nightmare in reality. As a child, Jason Emerick fled to his mother's room, chased by decrepit bugs that would send any child running in fear. From this point forward, he knew he could sense the dead… and not only the dead… but the dark side of the deceased—the demonic. …
Competing narratives and fictionalized accounts make it hard to say what exactly happened in the house at 112 Ocean Avenue after the Lutz family moved in. Maybe the Amityville house truly was haunted — after all, it was the site of a near-complete family annihilation. But what if what happened to the Lutzes had nothing to do with the house at all? …
In this episode of International Supernatural we're celebrating 2022 with Nervous New Year! Liam investigates one of the world’s most famous haunted photographs and the ghostly tale behind it. Alana brings you a disturbing case of demonic “possession” in Florida, USA, which was reported on the nightly news! Tangents include: the Trollziac, the main…
Subscribe to the podcast by searching for Weird Darkness wherever you listen to podcasts – or use this RSS feed link: Look for @WeirdDarkness on Facebook and Twitter! Please SHARE Weird Darkness with others and leave a review and comment in the podcast app you listen from! Doing so helps the show…
In this episode we discuss some famous cursed items, whose mere possession has brought about many unfortunate events into the lives of their ill-fated owners. We also get sidetracked a lot. Supernatural S.A. Town is hosted by Steven Valencia and Jody West We release a brand new episode every other week! Become our personal hero and support the show…
A stroll in the woods, can turn into a stroll into terror. Host/Narrator – Marlene Pardo Pellicer Links to mp3 files and video link -- If you like the content on any of the shows, your donations is appreciated and accepted at: PAYPAL – Kevin MacLeod​ Cre…
Maximos McIntyre had no idea his life was about to change when he met ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. His experiences convinced him that the paranormal is very real and sent him on a journey that ultimately led him to priesthood. Now, over two decades since the Warrens retired, Father Maximos has evaluated over 1,500 cases of purported parano…
Have you had alien contact? Missing time? Strange, unexplained marks on your body? Derrel Sims is the man to meet. Derrel has personal and professional experience with the alien abduction phenomena. Tune in to hear the latest abduction stories and what may be the real alien agenda. The world’s leading expert on alien abductions. Derrel Sims has 38+…
In which we learn what axons are, analyze farmer's market produce, and ponder the origin of Dean's translation app. Also featured: your feedback on the highs and lows of season 7! SPOILERS for ALL seasons! Looking for earlier episodes? Find our back catalogue here: We would love to hear from y…
Author, speaker, family coach and returning guest, Kim Moore, is back with us for part 2 of Racial Reconciliation with the Sons of the Confederacy. It all started when one group wanted to remove the town's Civil War statue and showed up to protest. The other group, the Son’s of Confederacy, showed up to defend the statue. If you haven’t listened to…
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