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If you're a Contractor- and you want to hear how others are working smarter, working less and making more- then this is the show for you! Ideas, Tips, Hacks and Shortcuts to build a profitable 6 figure contracting business that you can use right away to make more money and have more time off. Follow us on Facebook @ProfitToolBelt For contractors in Roofing, Solar, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Snow Removal, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Pool Service, Cabinet Maker, Windows and Doors, Gutters
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In this episode of Profit Tool Belt, we dive into the world of small business operations with special guest Gordon Henry, Chief Strategy Officer at Thryv. With over 20 years of experience in helping small businesses succeed, Gordon shares his insights on the key factors that contribute to a successful customer experience. He digs into how making th…
Technology is at the forefront. How do you keep up in the construction industry? In the world of construction, technology is changing the game. From 3D laser scanning to drones and photogrammetry, the industry has seen a massive improvement in project management, cost savings, and time management. In this episode of Profit Tool Belt, licensed land …
In this episode of the PTB podcast, our host and experienced business owner and entrepreneur, Dominic, shares an exercise that can help business owners identify blind spots in their companies. Blind spots are the areas of your business that you might not be aware of, but they can be hindering your business's growth and success. Dominic knows the im…
In this episode, we talk with Steve Moon, the founder of Moon Air, about his journey in building a successful business from scratch. With only $250 and a bag of tools, Steve started his business with a unique marketing strategy that garnered attention all over town. Steve emphasizes the importance of making promises you can deliver on, which builds…
Looking to create a healthy living environment? In this episode of the Profit Tool Belt podcast, host Dominic Rubino interviews Andrew Pace, The Green Design Center's founder and a non-toxic building materials pioneer. Andrew's story is one of transformation and inspiration. He re-visits his experience working in the commercial construction materia…
Join Jeff Sawyer, co-founder of TruNORTH, as he shares his insights and experiences on the keys to success and making a positive impact in today's business world. Get practical tips and guidance on the power of relationships, community involvement, and branding in building a thriving business in this must-listen podcast episode…
We’re starting 2023 with a bang! Walk your way and create a plan that works for you at a pace that you want to follow. Welcome to the new year, our first episode in 2023! Listen on how you can make 2023 your best year ever.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Ernie Maschner is here today to talk about big companies and how big companies deal with their people, question people development, people recruiting, and people retention.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Doug Powell is an electrician based out of Illinois and is a small operation on the road to success! Want to know how he's going! Well, luckily he's here to tell us his story two years into this journey.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
There is no reason to worry about the idea of a recession even though it's something most people worried about. Because it's not something that can be avoided by helping make businesses recession-proof. Chris Baldus is here to tell you the tricks to making your business weather the hard times to come.…
Brian Clayton is the mastermind behind the revolutionary app Green Powell which has taken the home care industry by storm. He is he to tell you how he started his first company and then sold it to being another! This is a truly incredible episode that every person who is looking to grow their business quickly and still be able to take that dream va…
The Q4 review is here and its time to sit down with Doctor Dom for your 3 months check up to see how your business is taking to the new plan. Not only are we checking to see how you've been doing, but Dom is also here to tell you how to plan for your next 3 years to help have a clear vision of where you're going.…
Jill Frillman is a published author on many books dedicated to helping out business owners. She is here today to spread a wealth of knowledge when it comes to being able to pay yourself first when it comes to your day-to-day business activities.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
On this episode of PTB, Dm discusses some tried and true methods to bring life into your struggling business and bring back the hope of profits. Simple systems, motivation, and life-changing tips to make your business operate like new!By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
The host with the most Dominic Rubino is in the hot seat this episode and is here to discuss the pressing issue of estimating profits and how you can use these 8 simple steps to diagnose profit leaks to give yourself the best chance of catching them early.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Importing vehicles can be the right decision when it comes to saving money on purchasing your next vehicle or machine in Canada. Today's guest Erin Herrera is the leading voice on the matter and is explaining how you can import your next vehicle from Canada the easy way.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Brad Leavitt is an Electrician and Builder by trade. He has made a name for himself quickly within the industry and has joined us today to explain some of the techniques he used to break into the industry.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Bob Armbrister is The CEO and President of SPARK Business Works. He is a legitimate tech wiz that has been helping high-profile clients choose the right technology for the job.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Brady Fry is the owner operator of Frys Plastic Construction and has been operating out of Tennesse since the '90s. He joins the PTB team to discuss what a multimillion-dollar contractor looks at workforce development and shares his experience with introducing his business to Instagram.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Been wondering how you are doing this year? Have you been sticking to the plan? How can you improve? How can you find the perfect clientele? The contract strategy group? All this and more on Profit Tool Belt.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Karalynn Cromeens is the leading guru when it comes to collecting with ALL DUE RESPECT and is here to help you get on top of your finances, collect with respect and help you emotionally distance yourself in the business of business.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Jodie Cook is a Digital Nomad currently living out of Denmark and sold her first business by the time she was 32. She is here to discuss having a bulletproof mindset, implementing repeatable systems, and discipline. All in today's episode of PTB.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Jay Tepley is an Author of mental health in the workplace books and is an Entrepreneur and is here to discuss finding your inner business demons so you can get your head on straight and have the mindset for success.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Kevin Welsh took over a blinds installation business over 5 years ago and is here to talk about his journey, the problems that have been raised, the culture he has built, and the people he has chosen to take positions of power within his business.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Matt Hiner is the owner of an outdoor living company, he is here to talk about how he got started, learning as you go and where he's going now. Matt Hiner is the king of outdoor living and has been an owner/operator of his company and he's here to talk about how he started and where he's going.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Cobus Breytenbach is the owner of 33 North Homes and has been a successful owner for many years. He is here to talk about the power of knowledge and how getting educated is a complete game changer in your business life.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Imagine what it is like to wn 3 service companies in varying industries? Sounds like a trip, no? Well Jonathan Maynard is here to discuss how he runs a plethora of successful companies while not only maintaining his sanity but making it look easy!By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Matt Gorgolinski is here to discuss why recruiters are important when it comes to continued growth in your business and why you shouldn't vet new candidates by yourselfBy Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Estimating the profitability of a job offer is the cornerstone of being in the construction industry, it's what separates business owners from the average working Joe. But not all of us do it correctly, that's why business coach Micheal Stone is here to explain his tried and true methods to get you back on top of your game.…
Jessica Fialkovich is an award-winning author and veteran in the business acquisition world. She is here to get down to the nitty-gritty of getting the most for selling your businessBy Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Certified fisheries officer and lake builder John Jones is here to discuss how to remove the awkwardness of billing your client and how to invoice with confidence.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
On this real coaching call with Justin Minahan, Dominic helps talk through the process of inheriting the family business and teaches Justin how to put a plan in place for a successful transition.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Tony Thornton, executive of the American Fencing Association and self confessed " fence guy" is here to talk about how efficiency equals profitability, building your dream team of employees and how to truly become successful.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Dominic Rubino checks in to help you review your second quarter for this year and discusses how to plan and successfully execute a 10-year plan to maximize efficiency and profitably.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
The maestro himself, Alan Butler, makes his first appearance on a podcast. He discusses his experience investing in himself and finding equilibrium in his work/family life and more!By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
On this episode of PTB, Dom sits down with Rick Ptak and discusses time wasters on the job site. Solutions and tips and tricks on how to implement repeatable standards in the work shop.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
Dominic Rubino talks to Josh Wheeler and Mike Goldstein about how to bring your recruiting process into the new 21st century. Using social media as a recruiting tool. Discuss what a “call to action” is and how to put repeatable systems in place to ease the stress of the recruitment process.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
In this episode of PTB Dominic discusses time management, identifying priorities and talks about the 10 tips he has for mastering your time management. He also announces a free time management class on June 10th.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
In this episode of Profit Tool Belt, Dominic chats with Chad Gill about his change of career path and how t deal with running a family-owned business.By Dominic Rubino and Profit Tool Belt
In this episode of the Profit Tool Belt podcast, Dominic Rubino speaks with Shamus Dowler, President of Postmark Development Corporation, about his brand of strategic sustainability, building better, local materials, energy efficiency, healthier and longer-lasting homes, how to get into building McDonald’s restaurants, and more.…
In this episode of the Profit Tool Belt podcast, Dominic Rubino speaks with Eric Fortenberry, founder and CEO of JobTread, about estimating with certainty, reflecting on profitability, incentivizing your team, markup vs. margin, learning from mistakes, paying subcontractors flat rates, choosing jobs, and more.…
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