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The weekly podcast where Phil Zito discusses topics related to building automation and provides useful tips and action packed examples to help you better understand building automation.
3P Theory is the podcast for AEC professions seeking to elevate their knowledge on green building strategies and practical design collaboration for sustainable mindsets. Bringing you change-makers, innovators and sustainable leaders whose projects and careers have positively impacted the industry. If you're looking to get inspired, motivated, and fired up to take ACTION towards a greener planet you're in right place.
The Future of Living podcast explores how people connect to the places they live with technology. In this series, we dive into the latest Internet of Things (IoT), smart living & PropTech technologies, evaluate trends affecting the spaces and places that make up our cities, and look at new ways for managing life as more of the things around us connect.
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Behind every successful BAS company is a successful sales team. But what do BAS sales people do and what do they need to know? In this episode we explore the common types of BAS sales roles and the key skills sales people need in order to succeed.
The BAS Service Technician is one of the most challenging roles due to the diversity of skills and tasks required. So how do you become a service technician and why would you want to? In this episode we discuss: The three types of service roles How to gain the skills required of a service technician How to get a job as a BAS service technician…
Project managers can make or break a BAS project and ultimately the financials of a BAS company. But how do you effectively manage BAS projects? In this episode we discuss: The three types of BAS project management How to learn BAS project management skills How to get a role as a BAS project manager
Have you ever considered getting into BAS Programming but didn't know where to start? The BAS programmer is one of the most sought after roles by individuals and companies. But how do you get started? In this episode we discuss: How to learn programming The three types of BAS programming How to find a job as a BAS Programmer…
In this episode we discuss how to work with IT groups and IT personnel on your building automation projects. You will learn what roles exist within IT groups, when to engage IT groups, and how to work with IT groups to get your project needs met.
Often times what the customer sees is what defines the "quality" of your project. The reality is that graphics and the "functionality" of your building automation system are what shape the perceived quality of your installation. In this episode we discuss strategies to implement user friendly graphics while also setting up your BAS front-end correc…
Do you want to avoid callbacks on your building automation projects? In this episode we discuss how to validate installation and how to perform point-to-point checkout on your building automation projects so you can get off your current project and onto the next project.
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