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Tips to help you understand and find relevance in scripture. Mike Day and Bryce Dunford are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who love to teach the scriptures. They explain and illustrate relevance in the text and discuss ideas for understanding and applying Come Follow Me and beyond.
White Horse Inn

White Horse Inn

Michael Horton & Shane Rosenthal

Do all paths lead to God? Is the Bible history or mythology? Are we saved by grace or good works? Featuring conversations with Christians from a variety traditions, this program is designed to give you a better understanding of what you believe and why you believe it.
One year. Every day. 365 days through the Bible in community with tens of thousands of others around the globe following the same quest. Hand crafted daily from the rolling hills of Tennessee, Nashville based author and speaker Brian Hardin is your guide on the adventure of a lifetime. Visit us on the web at A YEAR CHANGES EVERYTHING!
The BEMA Podcast is a walk-through of the context of the Bible and the Text itself, as well as surrounding history. We deconstruct our common readings of the Bible and attempt to reconstruct them through the lens of historical context. The main body of work is contained in Seasons 1–5, and we encourage you to start with episode 0 and continue in order through episode 204. BEMA Discipleship is a ministry of Impact Campus Ministries.
The Hagmann Report provides news and information based on a combination of exclusive investigative work, proprietary sources and contacts and qualified guests open source material. The Hagmann Report will never be encumbered by political correctness or held hostage to an agenda of revisionist history. The Hagmann Report broadcasts live weekdays 7-10pm et.
Read through the Whole Bible Enjoy daily readings for 365 days, each with one Old Testament reading, one New Testament reading, and one reading from the Psalms. Over the course of a year, you’ll read the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice. This reading plan is featured in the ESV Journaling Bible. © 2018 Crossway. All Rights Reserved.
How do you focus on what really matters? Where do you go to regain perspective? Drawn from a lifetime of Bible study and reflections on the nature of truth, Ultimately with R.C. Sproul features unique moments of insight to help you understand what you believe and why you believe it. Renew your mind and grow in your knowledge of God when you listen to biblical teaching every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Set your mind on what matters most—what matters ultimately. A podcast from Ligonier Mini ...
Join Ricky Watson on his journey through the Scriptures! With over 20 years of being an avid Bible student and teacher this is one podcast you cannot afford to miss. If you want understanding of the Bible, then Ricky has a unique ability of making the complex, simple. On this podcast the host could be going through a book of the Bible, a topic in the Bible or why we even need the Bible in today’s world. Support this podcast:
Scripture and Prophecy is a podcast dedicated to weekly Bible studies, commentary, and Christian devotionals. The goal of the podcast is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teach sound biblical doctrine, and call the Church back to righteousness and holiness. The return of our Lord is always nigh, and we need to be ready and watching for His return. While we await Him, let us be busy about our Father’s business by sharing the Gospel and growing the Kingdom of God.
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The Bible contains all the truth we need for faith and godliness. There would have been no Reformation without this truth. Today, Michael Reeves contrasts the view of Scripture held by the Roman Catholic Church with that of the Protestant Reformers. Get the 'Reformation Truths' DVD Series for Your Gift of Any Amount: https://gift.renewingyourmind.o…
Now that we have taken our tour of the Temple and the Temple Mount, we will take a closer look at the Jewish priesthood. Who could become a priest or Levite? What jobs did they perform? Why did Jesus "cleanse" the temple? Did the Lord lose his temper, or was something happening in Judaism that led him to take such dramatic action?…
Welcome to Episode 48 of The Burning Bush Podcast, where we share the message of the Bible while enjoying a good cigar. This week we continue reading through Dr. Justin Bass’ book, “The Bedrock of Christianity: The Unalterable Facts of Jesus' Death and Resurrection”, and I’m smoking a Crowned Heads Four Kicks Sublime 6x54. Dr. Justin Bass’ website:…
Show Notes Enroll in Institute Timestamps: 00:43 – Moses 7 reveals the true character of God. He is an eternal being who weeps for his children. 09:17 – Moses 7.38 – “a prison have I prepared for them.” There is an exit from hell as explained in D&C 19. 15:04 – Terryl and Fiona Givens share their view on “The God Who Weeps.” 22:31 – The teaching th…
In this Episode Martinez talks the question a lot of us have asked... Is God Silent? if so Why? and what do we do if he's not speaking. 🚨Email Host: Social Media: @Mbills314 & IG @MMS.Media 🚨Ad: Whats Your Take Media Podcast Rate & Leave a Revie…
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