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RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars and fan favorites Alaska (All Stars S2 Winner, S5 Top 3) and Willam (S4 standout and Emmy Nominated actor) bring you an insider’s look at the worldwide phenomenon that is Drag Race by discussing and dissecting every episode ever. They also dive into some Hot Goss, going behind the curtain of the Drag scene, talking a bit of politics, and answering emails from their dedicated listeners. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.
Drag superstars Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon are here to tell you who’s on top and who gets the chop! Whether it’s the international Drag scene (Drag Race Holland, Canada’s Drag Race), their monthly movie club, or behind-the-scenes stories from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Latrice and Manila always speak their minds. Listen as these iconic tastemakers chop it up about drag queens on tv, their favorite movie moments, and what’s really bugging them each week. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Netw ...
Comedian and self-proclaimed Drag Race historian Mano Agapion (along with special guests) watch and review each episode of the highly anticipate Drag Race UK series, providing biting commentary, wild hot takes and deranged observations about the queens, the lip syncs, and each other. For all the tea on previous seasons of Drag Race, take a look at our past episodes.
Sissy That Talk! with Velvet Valhalla is a weekly podcast breaking down the greatest reality TV show ever RuPauls Drag Race! Join hosts Velvet Valhalla and Alex Woodside (along with special guests) every week of season 8 for in-depth analysis as the race roars on. Feel like reliving season 7? Check out our archive for our first series of breakdowns!
Co-Host Jaydon and Meezy come together each week to review each week's episode of VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race. Follow She Did That on Twitter @shedidthatpod. Contact us via Twitter or Instagram @jaydonLbradley or @almeezyuh Support this podcast:
Who has what it takes to becomes “America’s next drag superstar?” On RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE AFTER SHOW we cover the weekly challenges each contestant goes through to make it to the top. Tune in here for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members on the show.
Kiki with college squirrel friends Brendan and Maya in a weekly discussion on all things RuPaul’s Drag Race! Catch new episodes every Tuesday. EMAIL US FOLLOW US COVER ART BY:
Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry & Studio71

Monét X Change, Miss Congeniality of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 and winner of AS4 and Bob The Drag Queen, winner of Season 8 (she won the first time) are not actually siblings but they are the intensely hilarious comedy duo with infectious chemistry behind the hit podcast Sibling Rivalry. For advertising opportunities please email Privacy Policy: We wanna make the podcast even better, ...
Welcome to Spilling the G&T. A podcast where two professionals, a Performer and a Psychiatrist, break down each episode of Rupaul's Drag Race and other popular culture topics. Be sure to expect entertainment, banter, and wit, with a key look into going deeper into performance technique and psychology. Always with fun. And always with a G&T. Hosted by Paulo (the performer), and Dr. Tom (the Psychiatrist).
Petty Little Things

Petty Little Things

Victoria Secret & Davina Devine

Irish Drag Queens Victoria Secret and Davina Devine divulge every petty thing that rots them on a daily basis while getting messy sharing drag stories from the past and gossiping about all the topics you never knew you should be obsessed about and question why you now are. Petty Queens to the front of the line. See for privacy and opt-out information.
A sassy little weekly podcast where I discuss all things drag, including reality drag television, live drag spectacles and the local drag scene in NYC. Recaps of all the RuPaul Drag Race franchises and The Boulet Brother’s Dragula. Friends, family and special guests pop in to help me out. And sometimes, I just talk about whatever I want.
Darkest Night

Darkest Night

The Paragon Collective

Darkest Night is a binaural audio drama that places you, the listener, at the center of a recovered memory that sounds as though it’s happening around you in real time. Each chapter delves into the last memories of the recently deceased, slowly revealing a horrifying master plan. Who is weaving this master conspiracy, and what is their ultimate goal? Subscribe now to find out, and wear headphones for the best, most terrifying results. Darkest Night is narrated by Lee Pace (The Hobbit Films, ...
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READERS! What even is time? (No seriously. Because we're still dealing with a panini two years later...) We finally got around to finding the audio from our recap of the reunion and the finale of Season 12, which we recorded back in December of 2020 :| Quite a bit has happened since (including roughly 17 seasons of Drag Race and it's sibling shows)…
This week, Danny and Myra discuss the second opening to RuPaul Drag Race season 14!! Be sure when you share the show on social media to use the hashtag #realityandwine. Thanks so much for your support! Check out our website for episode info, links to our Merch, Patreon and so much more! Follow us on IG: @realityandwine Danny'…
Come On Season 14, Let's Get 14-nacating. Anyways gurl, We tawkin' Ep 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 with Season 12 royalty Jackie Cox, comedic genius Rachel Bloom, & gaggy bitch Mano Agapion! WOW! Listen to these homos tawk those entrances, that talent show, and chirpy-burpy those looks! Support Jackie Cox by buying her GAGGY MERCH! Go watch th…
En este episodio, discutimos el capitulo 2 “Big Opening No. 2‘’ de la temporada 14 de RuPaul’s Drag Race, donde el segundo grupo de 7 chicas compiten en un concurso de talento. Este episodio es transmitido en Español.Sigan al podcast @quieneslamas en Instagram y a Yiyi @YesItsYiyi. Escribanos un email a…
The only thing better than one big opening is of course two big openings! This week seven more queens sashay into the cultural landscape of Drag Race, including of course the much discussed Miss Morphosis. We do have much to say about Maddy this week, from Ru’s interactions with her to the chords she didn’t quite strike in talent show. There’s also…
We get to meet the second set of 7 queens on part two of the premiere this week. Once again, we have a photo shoot, but a different one from the first week. The talent show is back, and we got a bunch of lip syncs this time. And category on the runway is...Sickening Signature Looks. At the end of the day, another queen is sent home. #dragrace #drag…
RuPaul’s Drag Race 14 | Episode 2 Recap Hello, hello, hello! Your RuPaul’s Drag Race RHAPup hosts, Liana Boraas, Aman Adwin, and Beth Dixon are back to recap RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14 episode 2! Which Queen will reign supreme? Share all of your RuPaul’s Drag Race thoughts with us on Twitter by tagging Reality TV RHAPups @rhapups and using the ha…
It's time to Welcome the second bunch of Queens to Rupaul's Drag Race Season 14! Again, we have a talent show for the first episode & a runway showing each queens signature drag! The perfect opening! Introducing: Jorgeous Maddy Morphosis Daya Betty Angeria Paris Van Micheals Lady Camden Jasmine Kennedie Deja Skye Join us as we turn on the mics, spe…
In this episode we talk about RuPaul Drag Race Season 08 Episode 01 #RuPaul #RuPaulsDragRace #DragRace #VH1 #LogoTV #WorldofWonder #rupaulsdragraceseason14 #DragRace14 #RPDR #BigOpening1By LarryBee and JayLo
In our series final, we discuss our podcast journey. We talk about were we came from to where we are now and what we learned along the way. Plenty of shout out's and thank you's to those friends and podcasters near and dear to our heart, who ever sent in some good by messages. So stay tuned to the very end. We love you. We will miss you. Please sta…
We’re back! Join Maya and Brendan as they discuss the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14!EMAIL USwerqthepod@gmail.comFOLLOW US ART BY: This episode is sponsore…
One of our favourite Full Story episodes from 2021 was about First Nations representation on the reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under has been marred by controversies around race and a lack of diversity, but it also saw the debut of the show’s first Aboriginal drag queen: Biripi and Worimi queen JoJo Zaho. JoJo talks to…
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